[TYPES] ICS calendar of conferences?

Todd Wilson twilson at csufresno.edu
Mon Aug 19 02:47:53 EDT 2013

Has anyone thought of maintaining an .ics calendar of programming-language
conferences and other conferences of interest to the readers of this group?
 I'm imagining that calendar entries would include the kind of information
and links you find in the LICS
have separate entries for the various deadlines, be kept up to date as CFPs
are announced and deadlines (inevitably) change, and be published on a
publicly accessible server so that it could be easily imported into one's
favorite calendar application.

I would be willing to do the initial work in setting up such a calendar if
it could eventually become a community-managed resource, with conference
organizers being responsible for keeping entries up to date.

Please send me any thoughts or suggestions you have for organizing and/or
implementing this resource, and I'll post a summary in a week or so and
ruminate on next steps -- all assuming, of course, that this hasn't already
been done and I just didn't look hard enough before volunteering to do
this!  Thanks,

Todd Wilson

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