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On 12 May 2014, at 22:24, Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:

> Viewing types as restrictive or enabling mechanisms is simply a matter of perspective, not intrinsic to the idea/language itself. One man's "types rule out X" is another man's "with types you can say that you can't get X" in a program. 

Since you said ‘intrinsic’, I will mention another classic:

The Meaning of Types : From Intrinsic to Extrinsic Semantics , by Reynolds

I think it addresses the issue Vladimir raised head on. From the abstract:

"A definition of a typed language is said to be “intrinsic” if it assigns meanings to typings rather than arbitrary phrases, so that ill-typed phrases are meaningless. In contrast, a definition is said to be “extrinsic” if all phrases have meanings that are independent of their typings, while typings represent properties of these meanings.”


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