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Dear Colleagues, 

Below is a repost of a message by Michael Barr on the category theory list. 
I regret to inform you that Jim Lambek passed away last Monday at the age of 91.  
(for those who are not familiar with his work, see e.g. 

> Michael Barr <barr <at> math.mcgill.ca>
> 2014-06-24 01:55:48 GMT
> I regret to inform you all that Jim died this afternoon.  His son says 
> it was congestive heart failure which is as good a way as any to 
> describe dying of old age.  He was still coming to seminar last fall 
> and celebrated his 91st birthday in December in pretty good shape, but 
> has been gradually going downhill since.  I don't believe he came to 
> the office since late fall.  He had a good run.

Others may be more entitled than i am to publish this news
--- but no one tells this on the lists i know,  although the news is from Monday. 
I met Jim in 1988 in Paris at a logic and category theory seminar, then in Italy and at LACL conferences... 
I invited him at a workshop in Nantes in 2001 (on learning categorial grammars)  he broke his arm and thereafter he was reluctant to cross the ocean (e.g. for my habilitation he send a report but he did no attend). 

The book for his 90th birthday:
His latest book: 

As you can see he was active until recently, and as far as it make sense, according to his son, he passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. 

Best regards,
Christian Retoré

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