[TYPES] Best pedagogical presentation of CPS?

Philip Wadler wadler at inf.ed.ac.uk
Thu Feb 15 08:44:59 EST 2018

Amr Sabry and I were the first to show that CPS is sound and complete with
a reduction semantics. Sabry and Felleisen had previously shown a
translation sound and complete with equational semantics.

  A reflection on call-by-value
  Amr Sabry and Philip Wadler. ACM Transactions on Programming Langaguage,
19(6):916-941, November 1997.

The results are, to my mind, surprisingly straightforward, with the tricky
part being to get the source and target calculi and the administrative
reductions correct.

Plotkin showed soundness but not completeness. When I presented these
results at Edinburgh (long before I moved there), Plotkin was in the
audience. With some trepidation, I said, "I believe this improves on your
result of twenty years ago." Gordon immediately responded, "Yes, but you've
had twenty years!"

Cheers, -- P

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.   /\ School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
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On 14 February 2018 at 15:53, Benjamin C. Pierce <bcpierce at cis.upenn.edu>

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> Dear Types types,
> What is the best presentation of the continuation-passing transform and
> its proof of correctness (“best” in the sense of clarity of both algorithm
> and proof, not efficiency or generality)?
> Many thanks,
>     - Benjamin
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