[TYPES] What is the state of the art of call-by-value computing?

Frédéric Blanqui frederic.blanqui at inria.fr
Sun Jul 8 13:58:23 EDT 2018

See for instance: B. Accattoli, B. Barras. Environments and the 
Complexity of Abstract Machines 
/PPDP 2017/.

Le 08/07/2018 à 18:39, Roman a écrit :
> [ The Types Forum, http://lists.seas.upenn.edu/mailman/listinfo/types-list ]
> Hi all,
> there are plenty of machines that allow to evaluate terms in a
> call-by-value language: CEK, CESK, KAM, Zinc, etc. Is there any
> overview that says which machine to choose for your particular setup?
> Any efficiency evaluation of various machines? Benchmarks would be
> great.
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Roman

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