[TYPES] type inference for mutually recursive algebraic types with subtyping

Rodolphe Lepigre rodolphe.lepigre at inria.fr
Thu Dec 6 07:51:07 EST 2018

It is also probably worth checking out the work I did on subtyping with
Christophe Raffalli. It has been around for a while, but only recently
accepted for publication in the TOPLAS journal.

The system is an extension of (Curry-style) System F with:
 - subtyping (obviously),
 - existential types, 
 - sums and products,
 - inductive and coinductive types (with ordinal sized),
 - general recursion with termination checking.

On the technical side, our approach mixes:
 - a new notion of “local subtyping” (with judgments “t : A ⊆ B”),
 - choice operators similar to Hilbert Epsilon for a simple semantics,
 - cyclic proofs (shown well-founded with the size-change principle).

Here are a couple of links:
 - https://lepigre.fr/files/publications/LepRaf2018a.pdf (paper),
 - https://rlepigre.github.io/subml/ (online interpreter),
 - https://github.com/rlepigre/subml (source code).

Rodolphe Lepigre <rodolphe.lepigre at inria.fr>
Inria (Deducteam), LSV, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, FRANCE

On 05/12/18 03:43, Aaron Gray wrote:
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> I am looking for papers on type inference for mutually recursive algebraic
> types with subtyping.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Aaron
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