[Unison-hackers] using unison like rsync between linux and windows

Derek Rayside drayside at MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 31 02:13:20 EDT 2005

On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 Andreas.Hartmann at fiducia.de wrote:

> Hello Derek,
> it worked very well! I do have a good solution for my problem now.
> I've one more question, which is certainly very easy to answer for you: Is it
> possible to run more than one task for the same directory at the same time,
> because I need to mirror the directory to 4 machines.

Yes, this is possible.  Unison creates an archive file for each pair of
roots.  As long as all five machines have unique names then you're ok. (If
this assumption is a problem, look at the UNISONLOCALHOSTNAME environment

If you're using unison in a unidirectional manner (ie, -force) from a
central hub to four mirrors then you shouldn't have any trouble at all.
If all five machines are modifying the data simultaneously then you run a
risk of conflicts (obviously).  In that usage scenario you really want a
networked file system rather than unison.

> Another thing:
> Meanwhile I recognized, that my posting to unison-users surprisingly passed
> though I got a mail, that it would be blocked because of missing domain keys
> feature. It looks like this and came from
> cyrus-sasl-bounces at lists.andrew.cmu.edu:
> Message rejected by filter rule match

I don't know about the mailing list administration, but unison-users is a
better list for these questions.


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