[Unison-hackers] MAC OS issue ... only with the GUI version

Trevor Jim trevor at research.att.com
Mon Jan 8 17:19:22 EST 2007

Kevin Ballard wrote:
> I don't use the OS X GUIs (I prefer text-only, as it's much faster to 
> fire off), but I am a Cocoa programmer. What's the problem right now, 
> and what do you think it would take to fix?

I don't know that it makes sense to dive into the code just
yet as we are investigating some ocaml issues.  However maybe
you or some other person can answer this:

Is the Cocoa stuff always multi-threaded?  That is, if I just
compile a regular Cocoa program, say, the hello world equivalent,
is the resulting binary multi-threaded?

(If not, then we would have the option of removing some of the
threaded code we added; but if it is always multi-threaded,
that won't help.)



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