[Unison-hackers] Updated MAC frontend (based on trunk)

Benjamin Pierce bcpierce at cis.upenn.edu
Wed Dec 2 20:50:59 EST 2009

> I forgot to mention that parts of my changes involve licensing issues.
> - Usage of BWToolkit. Uses BSD License - should be no problem.
> - New icon of Unison: from mac4lin project. Uses LGPL/GPL - again no  
> problem.
> - New toolbar and table-icons: from www.mattballdesign.com
> I took some icons from the icon-set and also modified some icons of  
> the set.
> The icon-set is under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License  
> so there should be no licensing issue.
> So my license check tells me that I was allowed to include the  
> changes in unison (gpl).
> However I wonder whether or not the toolbar/table icons have to be  
> given explicit credit (for example in the aboutbox).
> Benjamin, do you have more expertise in this area? Is everything  
> license conform?

I'm not an expert, but this looks OK to me too.

> Also the graphic changes are probably not everyone's cup of tea.
> So it's up to you if you want to stick with the current ones.

OK, we'll see how people feel about it.

     - B

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