[Unison-hackers] reviewing ... and IMPRESSED!! source?

Benjamin Pierce bcpierce at cis.upenn.edu
Wed Dec 30 12:47:02 EST 2009

The source code is available from the download page.  You can either  
grab a tar file for any release version or directly access the up-to- 
the-minute svn repository.


     - Benjamin

On Dec 30, 2009, at 10:05 AM, beginthreadex wrote:

> I have a need for file synch-ing and during all of my testing I have  
> been very impressed with 'unison'. My initial tests were with a  
> CentOS to Windows 7 machine and they were very favorable. My  
> production setup is Windows-to-Windows so that's what I'm testing  
> now. I'm using a setup that does not seem to be the norm, but it is  
> working mostly well. I'm using a 'snowflake' or 'fully-connected'  
> topology where I have three machines (m).
> m1 is the service to m2.
> m2 is the service to m3.
> m3 is the service to m1.
> While this is performing perfectly for syncing, it does have some  
> issues.
> 1) If the server portion is downloading a file and the client is  
> downloading the same file then after the service is completed the  
> client's download is just dead on the drive. It's not overwriting  
> and it's not removing itself. It would be best if after the attempt  
> to replace the local file it made sure to clean up after itself and  
> it would delete it's temp file for sure. Currently, this is causing  
> issues with my topology because the tmp files are lingering. In  
> situations where the snowflake is much larger this has exponentially  
> larger problems because of this.
> It would be fantastic if ...
> 1) If the unison server on a machine is getting a file then the  
> client can also be downloading the file. It should detect that the  
> file is already being sync-ed and ignore the current attempt (either  
> the server is doing it or the client) and should not attempt to d/l  
> the file on that attempt. This will allow the other process (server/ 
> client) to complete it's task.
> 2) Have a "-fastupdate" option so 'unison' can not use this feature  
> but for only some files, directories or mask-matching.
> 3) Have a "-fastupdateIgnore" option so 'unison' can force certain  
> files, directories or mask-matching to always use the lengthy process.
> If I could get the source to the Windows 2.32.52 release for the  
> Text version I'm positive I could make my own changes. How can I get  
> this? I'd be very happy to return my source and contribute in any  
> way possible.
> -thomas
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