[Unison-hackers] Lockfile for each profile

Matthias Peter Walther MatthiasPeterW at aol.com
Wed Dec 31 09:36:30 EST 2014


I'm new to this mailinglist. Thanks for your great development work, I
really like unison.

One question: I use unison with profiles in general. I call it via cron
every 15 minutes, but sometimes when I need a file on another pc
immediatly or when I want to close the laptop right now, I start it

To prevent double synchronisation, I use a lockfile:
test -e /var/lock/unison-dokumente && exit 0 || (touch
/var/lock/unison-dokumente;unison dokumente;rm /var/lock/unison-dokumente)
(Linux Bash Syntax)

Wouldn't it be smart, to have this lockfile feature directly build into
unison? I mean, there is some kind of lock mechanism in unison if the
sync abborts. But this doesn't prevent to start unison a second time,
while another synchronisation is still running, because for example a
large file has to be synchronized via wifi.

And this feature would be smart to easily combine timed and manual

I'm looking forward to get your thoughts.

Greeting from Germany
and a Happy New Year
Matthias Walther

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