[TYPES/announce] Type theory at IAS

Vladimir Voevodsky vladimir at ias.edu
Tue Oct 5 13:12:47 EDT 2010

Dear all,

starting next academic year (2011/2012) I plan to have the School of Mathematics of the Institute for Advanced Study to host a small number of people working in type theory and related areas. I am especially but not exclusively interested in the development of type-theoretic foundations of mathematics, connections to homotopy theory, various generalizations of inductive types and classification of type theories by proof-theoretic strength.

In the academic year 2012/2013 the institute will host a special programs on type-theoretic foundations of mathematics and quite a few positions in the related fields will be available. 

In the coming, 2011/2012 academic year no special activities related to type theory are planned and applications in the related areas will be considered   as a part of the general application process. 

For the  basic info see  https://www.math.ias.edu/ and in particular https://www.math.ias.edu/administration/how-to-apply .  A description of the 2012/2013 program will be on the web site in a few weeks.

When applying, please state "type theory"  as the general area of interests to make it easier for me to identify all the relevant applications. 
With any questions e-mail me at vladimir at ias.edu . 


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