[TYPES/announce] New book announcement: "Foundations of XML Processing: The Tree-Automata Approach"

Haruo HOSOYA hahosoya at is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Sat Jan 29 00:00:00 EST 2011

Dear folks,

I'm very glad to announce the publication of my new book.

  "Foundations of XML Processing: The Tree-Automata Approach"
  (Cambridge University Press)

This is the first book that provides a solid theoretical account of 
the foundation of the popular data format XML.  It proposes
a simple, clean, and novel principle for the construction of 
statically typed XML processing languages, based on finite tree automata.

Part I establishes basic concepts, starting with schemas (i.e., types for XML),
tree automata, and pattern matching, and concluding static typechecking for XML 
as a highlight of the book.  Part II turns its attention to more advanced topics, 
including efficient 'on-the-fly' tree automata algorithms, path- and logic-based 
queries, tree transformation, and exact typechecking.

Many of you may recognize the book as a summary of the series of work on 
type systems for XML processing, which I started with Benjamin Pierce and 
pursued with many collegues.  However, the book has been rewritten from 
the scratch so that anyone new to this area can quickly get the whole picture.  
Also, elementary materials and a number of examples and exercises (with solutions!) 
are provided so that the book may be useful for a textbook.

You can easily find the book from Amazon:


The following is the table of contents.

  1. Introduction
  2. Preliminaries

  Part I
    3. Schemas
    4. Tree automata
    5. Pattern matching
    6. Marking tree automata
    7. Typechecking

  Part II
    8. On-the-fly algorithms
    9. Alternating tree automata
    10. Tree transducers
    11. Exact typechecking
    12. Path expressions and tree-walking automata
    13. Logic-based queries
    14. Ambiguity
    15. Unorderedness

  Appendix: Solutions to Selected Exercises



Haruo Hosoya, Lecturer
Computer Science Department
The University of Tokyo, Japan
Presto researcher, JST

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