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Mon Jan 31 04:46:57 EST 2011

The *International Summer School Marktoberdorf* 2011 on
*Tools for Analysis and Verification of Software Safety and Security*

is ready for applications. *Deadline*: March 04, 2011

The "Marktoberdorf Summer School" is a two weeks' course for young computer
scientists and mathematicians working in the field of formal software and
systems development. It provides in-depth presentations of state-of-the-art
topics in "Ananlysis and Verification of Software Systems" and promotes
international contacts and collaborations with leading researchers and young

*Lecturers and Titles*
Bruno Blanchet:  Mechanizing Game-Based Proofs of Security Protocols

Hubert Common-Lundh:  Formal Security Proofs

Javier Esparza:  Reachability in Models of Concurrent Programs

Orna Grumberg:  Model Checking

Gerwin Klein:  Interactive Proof: Applications to Semantics

Marta Kwiatkowska:  Advances in Probabilistic Model Checking

Rustan Leino:  Using and Building an Automatic Program Verifier

Rupak Majumdar:  Software Model Checking

Sharad Malik:  Boolean Satisfiability Solvers: Techniques and Extensions

Tobias Nipkow:  Interactive Proof: Hands-on Introduction

Peter O'Hearn:  Lectures on Separation Logic

Andrei Sabelfeld:  Information-Flow Security

Helmut Seidl:  Precise Fix-point Computation through Strategy Iteration

For further questions or our poster and flyer,
please contact: Dr. Katharina Spies, asimod at in.tum.de

Dr. Katharina Spies
** executive director -- Summer School Marktoberdorf **
asimod at in.tum.de | http://asimod.in.tum.de
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Fakultaet fuer Informatik     Tel.: ++49/89/289-17829
Boltzmannstr. 3           Fax: ++49/89/289-17307
D-85748 Garching (Muenchen) / Germany

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