[TYPES/announce] Associate Professor Position at LIG (Grenoble, France): Logic and Foundations of Programming

Pierre Geneves pierre.geneves at inria.fr
Fri Feb 18 05:39:09 EST 2011

Assistant professor (Maitre de Conferences) position
Computer Science and Logic
Grenoble INP - ENSIMAG
LIG Laboratory
Grenoble, France

A Maitre de Conference permanent position (~ Assistant Professor) is 
being opened within the LIG Laboratory located in Grenoble (see: 

We are looking for strong junior-level candidates who will be able
to contribute to the ongoing effort made in the LIG laboratory to
study the foundations of programming.

You can find more general information on what is a 'Maitre de 
Conference', including an approximate salary scale, on a french page on 

The researcher to be hired is expected to contribute to the current 
research activities of the LIG laboratory on challenges arising in 
program verification, logic, and foundations of programming languages.

Research area and specific information for this position can be found 
at: http://www.liglab.fr/IMG/pdf/2011_Profil_poste_27mcf0670.pdf

The candidate will be a member of one of the teams Capp 
(http://capp.imag.fr/) or Wam (http://wam.inrialpes.fr/), and must 
contact the team leader for elobrating a research program. Please notice 
that this position involves teaching in French, and proficiency in this 
language is necessary at the time the position is taken (September 2011).

Important dates

  Date of formal publication
  of the position:              Februrary 24th 2011

  Deadline for sending the
  complete application:         March 25th 2011

  Expected date of the
  interview of candidates       May 2011

  Start of the position         September 2011

Application procedure

The candidates will need to enter their application through the French
nationwide portal Galaxie, starting from February 24th


and are required to have previously obtained a 'qualification' (if you 
do not know what this is, we are afraid it will be too late to obtain one).


Interested candidates are invited to contact:
- Hervé Martin <Hervé.Martin at imag.fr>, director of the LIG laboratory;
- Brigitte Plateau <Brigitte.Plateau at grenoble-inp.fr> and Roland Groz 
<Roland.Groz at grenoble-inp.fr> for teaching;
- Vincent Quint <vincent.quint at inria.fr> or Rachid Echahed 
<Rachid.Echahed at imag.fr> for the research program.


       Pierre Geneves
       Researcher, CNRS

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