[TYPES/announce] ICTAC 2011 School on Software Engineering: Call for Participants and Applications of Scholarship

Antonio Cerone antonio at iist.unu.edu
Thu May 26 22:02:27 EDT 2011


International School on Software Engineering Associated with ICTAC

Jointly Organised by UNU-IIST
and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

22-26 August 2011, Johannesburg, South Africa

URL: http://www.ictac.net/ICTAC2011_School/


    1. Structured Wide-Area Programming
       (Jayadev Misra)

    2. Verification of FreeRTOS
       (Jim Woodcock and Deepak D'Souza)

    3. Model-based Development with Formula
       (Ethan Jackson)

    4. Program Analysis via Symbolic Execution
       (Willem Visser and Matthew B. Dwyer)

    5. rCOS: a Formal Model-Driven Engineering Method for Component-
       Based Software
       (Zhiming Liu)


We welcome applications from postgraduate students and researchers
from academia and industry who have obtained at least an
undergraduate degree in Computer Science or in a related discipline.


An application must include

    * completed Application Form (please download from
    * scanned copy of the university transcript for the completed
      undergraduate degree (mandatory only for applicants who do not
      hold an academic position);
    * list of publications (mandatory only for applicants who hold
      an academic position);
    * any further qualifications and information that should be taken
      into account.

Applications should be emailed (plain text only) to
    school_applications at iist.unu.edu.

Although the latest deadline to receive applications is 20 July 2011,
the selection process will start on 15 May 2011. Each application will
normally require several weeks to be processed and the applicant will
be notified the acceptance or rejection of the application as soon as
the application is assessed and no later than 5 August 2011.

Given the limited number of positions available, early applications
are strongly encouraged, especially for those applicants who intend
to request financial support. The organisers may decide to close the
application submission and the selection process earlier than 20 July
2011 if all available positions are filled.

Accepted applicants will be required to confirm their attendance and
send via fax (Fax No. +853-2871-2940; Att. Ms. Alice Pun - School

    * copy of current passport;
    * evidence of payment of registration fee (when applicable);

no later than 15 days after being notified acceptance.


There is no registration fee for accepted applicants who

    * are citizens of a developing country not belonging to the European
    * do not hold any position in an industrialised country or in a
      country belonging to the European Union; and
    * are employed in academic institutions, other public research
      institutions or NGOs.

All other accepted applicants will be requested to pay USD 400
registration fee.

Lunches during the 5 day school are included in the registration fee.
Developing countries are those countries whose economies are classified
as low income, lower-middle income or upper-middle income by The World
Bank Group.


Applicants should, where possible, try to obtain funding for their
travel expenses and accommodation from academic/research institutions,
government or NGOs. Applicants who need financial support must
explicitly request it in the Application Form.

The School Sponsors will provide financial support to a limited number
of applicants who have requested it and

    * are citizens of a developing country not belonging to the European
    * do not hold any position in an industrialised country or in a
      country belonging to the European Union, and
    * do not work in a private company.

The financial support consists of

    * the reimbursement of the travel expenses for a return trip from the
      location of the participant's institution to the course venue up to
      a maximum amount decided by UNU-IIST, which will be communicated to
      the accepted applicants, and
    * accommodation for consecutive nights in Johannesburg arranged by the
      organising committee and starting on Sunday 21 August 2011.

Participants who have been granted financial support will be reimbursed
in US dollars, according to the UN official exchange rate, upon
presentation of original receipts (which will be kept by UNU-IIST) up to
a maximum amount decided by UNU-IIST and communicated at the time of the
notification. Such a maximum amount may represent only a partial
reimbursement of the travel expenses for participants from outside the
Southern African region. Travel expenses will be reimbursed only for the
cheapest transportation along the most direct route. Only 2nd class
tickets will be reimbursed for train trips and only economy class airfares
will be reimbursed for air trips. No reimbursements will be given for
meals, local transportation, taxi, fuel and road toll. All UNU-IIST
decisions regarding reimbursements are final.


For those participants who have been granted financial support,
accommodation will be organised in shared rooms by the organising

All other participants who need accommodation

    * may request the accommodation (subject to availability) provided by
      the School organising committee (information and rates will be soon
      available at the General Information page).
    * may choose to organise accommodation on their own.


There is no mandatory examination associated with the school and participants 
who have attended all courses will receive an
attendance certificate.

Participants who are interested in taking an examination for credit purpose on 
the topics presented at the school must explicitly request
it in the Application Form and submit their application no later than
15 June 2011.
Participants who will pass the examination will receive a certificate
suitable for credit recognition, according to the information they have
provided in the Application Form.


20 April 2011 - Application submission opening
15 May 2011   - Selection process starting
15 June 2011  - Deadline to request for an examination
20 July 2011  - Latest deadline for application submission
5 August 2011 - Selection process closing

(application submission and selection process may close earlier
if all available positions are filled)


* Antonio Cerone, United Nations University, UNU-IIST, Macau SAR China
* Zhiming Liu, United Nations University, UNU-IIST, Macau SAR China
* Pekka Pihlajasaari, Data Abstraction (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
* David Sherwell, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa


* University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
* International Institute for Software Technology
   of the United Nations University (UNU-IIST)
* Microsoft Research

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