[TYPES/announce] MeCBIC 2011 Call for Papers (August 2011, Paris-Fontainebleau)

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                         Call for Papers
                           MeCBIC 2011
                 5th Workshop on Membrane Computing
              and Biologically Inspired Process Calculi
               23-24 August 2011, Paris(Fontainebleau)



    Title and Abstract: 	18 June,  2011
    Paper Submission: 	25 June,  2011
    Notification: 	01 August, 2011
    Revised version: 	11 August, 2011

The main aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working in 
membrane computing, in biologically inspired process calculi (ambients, brane 
calculi, etc.) and in other related fields to present recent results and to 
discuss new ideas concerning such formalisms, their properties and 
relationships. Original research papers (including significant 
work-in-progress) on the membrane systems or biologically inspired process 
calculi are sought. Papers on the relationship between membrane systems and 
biologically inspired process calculi are particularly welcome. Related formal 
approaches in which cell compartments play an important role are also within 
the scope of the workshop.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
    *  Biologically inspired models and calculi;
    *  Biologically inspired systems and their applications;
    *  Analysis of properties of biologically inspired models;
    *  Theoretical links and comparison between different models.

Invited Speaker:
 	Cosimo Laneve (University of Bologna)
 	Reversible Structures (joint work with Luca Cardelli)


Papers must report previously unpublished work, and not be submitted 
concurrently to another conference or journal. Authors are invited to submit 
their papers (of about 16 pages) using the web page 
We also encourage the submission of short papers (around 8 pages) presenting 
new tools or platforms related to the topics of MeCBIC 2011.


The workshop proceedings will be available during the meeting, and will be 
posted on arXiv.org. After the workshop, selected papers will be published in 
Scientific Annals of Computer Science, an open access journal indexed by 
SCOPUS, MathSciNet, DOAJ, DBLP, etc.

Depending on the quality of the papers, we plan to have each two years a 
special issue of a well-known journal including a selection of (extended and 
additionally refereed) papers. This year will be published a special issue of 
Theoretical Computer Science which will include selected papers accepted and 
presented at MeCBIC 2009 and MeCBIC 2010.


*  Roberto Barbuti, University of Pisa, Italy
*  Marco Bernardo, University of Urbino, Italy
*  Paola Bonizzoni, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy
*  Gabriel Ciobanu, ICS, Romanian Academy, Iasi (chair)
*  Jean-Louis Giavitto, IRCAM CNRS, Paris, France
*  S.N. Krishna, IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India
*  Jean Krivine, University Paris 7, France
*  Paolo Milazzo, University of Pisa, Italy
*  Gethin Norman, University of Glasgow, UK
*  Andrew Phillips, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK
*  G. Michele Pinna, University of Cagliari, Italy
*  Franck Pommereau, University of Evry, France
*  Jason Steggles, Newcastle University, UK
*  Angelo Troina, University of Torino, Italy
*  Sergey Verlan, University Paris 12, France
*  Gianluigi Zavattaro, University of Bologna, Italy


Past Events: The first edition of MeCBIC was held in Venice in 2006 (co-located 
with ICALP 2006). The second MeCBIC was held in Iasi in 2008, the third one 
took place in Bologna (as a satellite event of CONCUR 2009), and the forth one 
in Jena. The previous proceedings of the MeCBIC workshops have been published 
as ENTCS volumes 171 and 227 (2006, 2008), and EPTCS volumes 11 and 40 (2009, 

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