[TYPES/announce] PASTE 2011 Call for Participation, Lightning Talks, and Posters

Jeff Foster jfoster at cs.umd.edu
Mon Jun 6 10:09:37 EDT 2011

[PASTE welcomes submissions for lightning talks and posters on topics related to types.]

10th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGSOFT Workshop on Program Analysis for Software
Tools and Engineering (PASTE)

       Call for Participation in PASTE 2011
featuring technical papers, keynote, lightning talks, and posters
               Szeged, Hungary
             September 5-6, 2011
         co-located with ESEC/FSE'11

PASTE 2011 is the tenth workshop in a series that brings together the
program analysis, software tools, and software engineering communities
to focus on applications of program analysis techniques in software

This year, PASTE will include both a lightning talks session and a
poster session; see the call at the bottom of this message for more


KEYNOTE: SUMIT GULWANI, Microsoft Research

"Program Synthesis for Automating End-user Programming and Education"

Recent research in program synthesis has made it possible to
effectively synthesize small programs in a variety of domains. In this
talk, I will describe two useful applications of this technology that
have the potential to influence daily lives of billions of people. One
application involves automating end-user programming using examples,
which can allow non-programmers to effectively use computational
devices such as computers, cell-phones (and in the future robots) to
perform a variety of repetitive tasks. Another application involves
building automated tutoring systems that can help students with
problem solving in math and science domains.

BIO: Sumit Gulwani is a senior researcher in the RiSE group at
Microsoft Research, Redmond.  His primary research interest is in the
area of program synthesis with applications to automating end user
programming and building intelligent tutoring systems. Sumit obtained
his PhD in computer science from UC-Berkeley in 2005, and was awarded
the C.V. Ramamoorthy Award and the ACM SIGPLAN Outstanding Doctoral
Dissertation Award. He obtained his BTech in computer science and
engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur in
2000 and was awarded the President's Gold Medal.



Labeling Library Functions in Stripped Binaries
E. Jacobson, N. Rosenblum, B. Miller

An Evaluation of Change-Based Coverage Criteria
M. Fisher II, J. Wloka, F. Tip, B. Ryder, A. Luchansky

Anywhere, Any-Time Binary Instrumentation
A. Bernat, B. Miller

Towards Systematic, Comprehensive Trace Generation for Behavioral
Pattern Detection through Symbolic Execution
M. von Detten

Locating Failure-Inducing Environment Changes
D. Qi, M. Ngo, T. Sun, A. Roychoudhury

Assessing Modularity via Usage Changes
Y. Mileva, A. Zeller



This year, PASTE will include both a lightning talks session and a
poster session.  Lightning talks and posters can describe early
research ideas or results, research perspectives or positions, and
other topics of interest to the PASTE community.  Tool demonstrations
are also welcome.  Students are strongly encouraged to participate in
the poster session, which will be held during lunch.  Lightning talks
will be allocated 10 minute slots, which will consist of 5 minutes
for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.


Researchers who would like to present a lightning talk should send the
following information to paste11 at cs.umd.edu by Friday, June 24, 2011:

 * Presenter name, affiliation, and email address
 * Proposed title
 * A short paragraph describing the talk
 * Please include "PASTE lightning talk submission" in the email title

Researchers who would like to present a poster should send the
following information to paste11 at cs.umd.edu by Friday, June 24, 2011:

 * Title, author names, and affiliations
 * Name and email address of the presenter
 * A PDF abstract of the research to be described in the poster.  The
   abstract should be at most 1 page in the normal PASTE submission format.
 * Please include "PASTE poster submission" in the email title

Lightning talks and posters will be accepted based on relevance to the

Selected presenters will be notified via email by July 1, 2011.
Presenters may, at their option, have their abstract included in the
official PASTE proceedings.

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