[TYPES/announce] PhD Scholarships in Semantics, Analysis, Verification

Flemming Nielson nielson at imm.dtu.dk
Tue Jun 7 03:12:39 EDT 2011

PhD Scholarships in Semantics, Analysis, Verification

We are looking for enthusiastic students with a strong background in semantics, analysis and verification that would like to become part of our Centre of Excellence www.MT-LAB.dk<http://www.MT-LAB.dk> and our Danish-Chinese Research Center www.idea4.dk<http://www.idea4.dk>

Candidates are expected to have a background within one or more of
- process calculi and automata
- logical formalisms
- static program analysis
- model checking
- prototype construction
- algorithms and datastructures.

A PhD Scholarship is for three years; you will be part of an international research group lbt.imm.dtu.dk<http://lbt.imm.dtu.dk> whose dainly language is English, you will be paid about 3300€ per month, and you would be expected to spend up to half a year in a relevant research group outside of Denmark.

If you are interested - please perform steps 1-7 listed on

We look forward to your enquiries.

Flemming Nielson

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