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Simon Thompson s.j.thompson at kent.ac.uk
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ACM SIGPLAN 2012 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation


January 23-24, 2012. Philadelphia, PA, USA (co-located with POPL'12)

   Call For Participation

   Online registration is open at 
   Early registration deadline is December 24, 2011

The PEPM Symposium/Workshop series brings together researchers
and practitioners working in the broad area of program
transformation, which spans from refactoring, partial evaluation,
supercompilation, fusion and other metaprogramming to model-driven
development, program analyses including termination, inductive
programming, program generation and applications of machine learning 
and probabilistic search. PEPM focuses on techniques, supporting
theory, tools, and applications of the analysis and manipulation of

In addition to the presentations of regular research papers, the PEPM
program includes tool demonstrations and `short paper' presentations
of exciting if not fully polished research.

PEPM has established a Best Paper award. The winner will be 
announced at the workshop.


Compiling Math to High Performance Code
  Markus Pueschel (ETH Zuerich, Switzerland)

Specification and verification of meta-programs
  Martin Berger (University of Sussex, UK)


Regular research papers:

Naoki Kobayashi, Kazutaka Matsuda and Ayumi Shinohara. 
Functional Programs as Compressed Data

Kazutaka Matsuda, Kazuhiro Inaba and Keisuke Nakano.
Polynomial-Time Inverse Computation for Accumulative Functions with 
Multiple Data Traversals

Dana N. Xu.
Hybrid Contract Checking via Symbolic Simplification

Susumu Katayama.
An Analytical Inductive Functional Programming System that Avoids 
Unintended Programs

Roberto Giacobazzi, Neil Jones and Isabella Mastroeni.
Obfuscation by Partial Evaluation of Distorted Interpreters

Michael Gorbovitski, Yanhong A. Liu, Scott Stoller and Tom Rothamel.
Composing Transformations for Instrumentation and Optimization

Elvira Albert, Jesus Correas Fernandez, German Puebla and 
Guillermo Roman-Diez.
Incremental Resource Usage Analysis

Takumi Goto and Isao Sasano.
An approach to completing variable names for implicitly typed 
functional languages

Martin Hirzel and Bugra Gedik.
Streams that Compose using Macros that Oblige

Vlad Ureche, Tiark Rompf, Arvind Sujeeth, Hassan Chafi and Martin Odersky.
StagedSAC: A Case Study in Performance-Oriented DSL Development

Markus Degen, Peter Thiemann and Stefan Wehr.
The Interaction of Contracts and Laziness

Surinder Kumar Jain, Chenyi Zhang and Bernhard Scholz.
Translating Flowcharts to Non-Deterministic Languages

Francisco Javier Lopez-Fraguas, Enrique Martin-Martin and 
Juan Rodriguez-Hortala.
Well-typed Narrowing with Extra Variables in Functional-Logic Programming

Geoff Hamilton and Neil Jones.
Superlinear Speedup by Distillation: A Semantic Basis

Short papers:

Jacques Carette and Aaron Stump.
Towards Typing for Small-Step Direct Reflection

Janis Voigtlaender.
Ideas for Connecting Inductive Program Synthesis and Bidirectionalization

Tool demonstration papers:

Edvard K. Karlsen, Einar W. Hoest and Bjarte M. Oestvold.
Finding and fixing Java naming bugs with the Lancelot Eclipse plugin

Adriaan Moors, Tiark Rompf, Philipp Haller and Martin Odersky.

Elvira Albert, Puri Arenas, Samir Genaim, Miguel Gomez-Zamalloa 
and German Puebla.
COSTABS: A Cost and Termination Analyzer for ABS

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