[TYPES/announce] Call for papers: HAI2012

Mike Stannett m.stannett at dcs.shef.ac.uk
Wed Feb 29 12:10:08 EST 2012

                     FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS

   HAI2012 (Hypercomputation and Artificial Intelligence 2012)

                     A Special Symposium of the
       AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012 in honour of Alan Turing
                  Birmingham, UK, 2-6 July 2012
                      organized by the AISB

Recently, a number of researchers have argued that the mind has the
capability to tackle incomputable problems, that is, problems that the
Turing machine cannot solve. We aim to bring together researchers and
scholars that work in uncomputability (hypercomputation), AI and
ALife. Generally speaking, research areas where incomputability is
encountered include, but are not restricted to: natural computation
(including computational models inspired by living organisms and
colonies); quantum computation (including brain-related models); vague
computing (including fuzzy computing), the philosophy of mind
(including mind as computation); and incomputable physical phenomena
(including economic and social phenomena).

Mathematical, computational, logical and philosophical aspects
regarding the potential, behaviour and properties of these
unconventional computing models are also of interest, as is the
possibility of formally verifying systems associated with different
methods and tools.

Papers are invited on all aspects of the relationship between
uncomputability and AI/ALife. Relevant topics include (but are not
limited to):

 *  hypercomputation and brain function
 *  quantum bases for intelligence
 *  computable and uncomputable aspects of "natural computing" paradigms
 *  type systems for uncomputable semantics
 *  the mind as computation
 *  uncomputability and rational thought

The symposium will end with an open panel discussing current and
future research directions in natural computing, and their
relationship to questions in AI.

 *  Erzsebet Csuhaj-Varju, SZTAKI, Hungary
 *  Alberto Leporati, University of Milan, Italy
 *  Daniela Romano, Sheffield University, UK
 *  Mario J Perez-Jimenez, University of Seville, Spain
 *  Francisco Doria (Organising Committee, Brazil)
 *  Marian Gheorghe (Chair, Sheffield)
 *  Apostolos Syropoulos (Organising Committee, Greece)
 *  Mike Stannett (Organising Committee, UK)

 *  Selmer Bringsjord (Rensselaer)

 *  Colin Allen
 *  Luciano Floridi
 *  Aaron Sloman
 *  Sir John Dermot Turing
 *  Blay Whitby

Please see the World Congress list of invited speakers for more
details (http://events.cs.bham.ac.uk/turing12/invited.php)

 *  Francisco Doria (Brazil)
 *  Marian Gheorghe (UK, Chair)
 *  Apostolos Syropoulos (Greece)
 *  Mike Stannett (UK)

In the first instance, extended abstracts of 2-4 pages are requested.
Successful authors will then be asked to submit finalised versions for
inclusion in the proceedings. All submissions should be formatted for
A4 paper, and submitted in PDF format via easychair, using the link at
http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=hai2012. Authors will be
expected to present their papers at the Symposium, and should register
via the World Congress web site

Late submissions may be accepted until the middle of March. Please
contact the organisers (M.Gheorghe at dcs.shef.ac.uk).

 Submission of papers        Friday, 2 Mar 2012 (extended)
 Notification of authors        Monday, 2 April 2012
 Final versions due             Friday, 4 May 2012
 Symposium                      Monday 2nd July - Wednesday 4th July, 2012

A separate proceedings, produced before the Congress, will be
available at the start of the event. Each delegate at the Congress
will receive, on arrival, a memory stick containing the proceedings of
all symposia. Some copies of the proceedings of each symposium will be
printed for various purposes.

The Congress serves both as the year's AISB Convention and the year's
IACAP conference. The Congress has been inspired by a desire to honour
Alan Turing, and by the broad and deep   significance of Turing's work
to AI, to the philosophical ramifications of computing, and to
philosophy and computing more generally. The Congress is one of the
events forming the Alan Turing Year (http://www.mathcomp.leeds.ac.uk).

The intent of the Congress is to stimulate a particularly rich
interchange between AI and Philosophy on any areas of mutual interest,
whether directly addressing Turing's own research output or not.

The Congress will consist mainly of a number of collocated Symposia on
specific research areas, interspersed with Congress-wide refreshment
breaks, social events and invited Plenary Talks. All papers other than
the invited Plenaries will be given within Symposia.

Full details of the World Congress can be found online at the

Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield
Times Higher Education University of the Year

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