[TYPES/announce] Postdoc position in proof theory (IML, Marseille, France)

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Mon Apr 30 09:21:27 EDT 2012

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The French ANR project LOGOI is inviting applications for a postdoctoral
position within the team Logique de la Programmation (LDP) of the Institut de
Mathématiques de Luminy (IML) in Marseille, France.


The LOGOI project pursues the programme of Geometry of Interaction (GoI),
which aims at a reconstruction of logic from interaction as the primitive
notion, considered as an abstract counterpart of cut elimination. This
programme has started together with linear logic and has evolved since its
early days, from the limited case of multiplicatives to recent developments
involving the theory of operator algebras and providing a strikingly new
perspective on implicit complexity via light logics.

The goals of the LOGOI project are on one side to better understand and refine
the current theory of GoI, and on the other side to draw on the novel tools and
concepts provided by this framework, in order to propose a new structured
approach to proof theory and its connections with other areas of computer

Post Doctoral Position

This is a full-time research position for one year, with a possible one-year
extension. It is expected to start at the beginning of fall 2012 (between 1
Sep. and 1 Nov.). Research will take place at the IML in Marseille.

The successful applicant will contribute to the main areas of the LOGOI project
research effort: geometry of interaction, ludics, proof theoretical aspects of
computation. Possible connections with other fields of proof theory and
computer science are also of interest. The post-doc is of course expected to
participate to group activities (workshops, meetings, tutorials) both of the
LOGOI project and the LDP team.


Applicants must hold a PhD degree in computer science or mathematics, and
should have a strong background in logic and proof theory. Skills in an
additional area of computer science (complexity, concurrency, programming
language semantics, etc.) are very welcome.

If the PhD thesis is not defended yet, the candidate must provide the planned
defence date and the composition of the thesis committee.

Knowledge of French is not required.


To apply, please send an email to logoi-postdoc at iml.univ-mrs.fr, including your
current CV, a link to a list of your publications, and a research statement
summarizing your research activities and goals (preferably two pages at most).
You might also include the names of up to two references.

The deadline for applications is 20 june 2012, but early expression
of interest is encouraged.

More Information

Logoi: http://www.logoi.fr/
IML: http://iml.univ-mrs.fr/

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