[TYPES/announce] 6th International School on Rewriting (ISR 2012) - Early registration (250 euro): June 15!!

Santiago Escobar sescobar at dsic.upv.es
Fri Jun 8 04:22:37 EDT 2012

                   Call for Participation

                          ISR 2012
            6th International School on Rewriting
                   July 16th - 20th, 2012
            Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
                       Valencia, Spain

      !!!!!Early registration until June 15, 2012!!!!!

       Early registration fee: 250 euro
       Accommodation: between 20 and 28 euro per night

Rewriting is a branch of computer science whose origins go back 
to the origins of computer science itself (with Thue, Church, 
Post, and many other prominent researchers). It has strong links 
with mathematics, algebra, and logic, and it is the basis of 
well-known programming paradigms like functional and equational 
programming, which are taught at the universitary level in many 
countries. In these programming paradigms and corresponding 
languages, the notions of reduction, pattern matching, 
confluence, termination, strategy, etc., are essential. 
Rewriting provides a solid framework for understanding, using, 
and teaching all these notions. Rewriting techniques are also 
used in many other areas of software engineering (scripting, 
prototyping, automated transformation of legacy systems, 
refactoring, web services, etc.) and are implemented in popular 
systems like Mathematica, Autocad, and others. Rewriting 
techniques play a relevant role in computing research, 
education, and industry.

The International School on Rewriting is promoted by the IFIP 
Working Group 1.6 Term Rewriting. The school is aimed at master 
and PhD students, researchers, and practitioners interested in 
the study of rewriting concepts and their applications.

Two tracks are offered, including the lectures and the courses:

- Track A: for newcomers in the field, or just for people 
         who want to obtain a new, updated exposure.

* Jose Meseguer. Introduction to Term Rewriting
* Albert Rubio. Termination of Rewriting: Foundations and 
* Santiago Escobar. A Rewriting-Based Specification and 
  Programming Language: Maude
* Beatriz Alarcon & Raul Gutierrez. Exercises on Term 

- Track B: for those who want to get deeper in the most 
         recent developments and applications of rewriting.

* Maria Alpuente: Narrowing Techniques and Applications 
* Temur Kutsia: Matching, unification, and generalizations 
* Pierre Lescanne: Lambda Calculus: extensions and 
* Narciso Marti-Oliet: Rewriting Logic and Applications 
* Georg Moser: Automated Complexity Analysis of Term 
  Rewriting Systems 
* Albert Oliveras: SAT and SMT techniques in Proof and 
* Sophie Tison: Tree Automata, Turing Machines and Term 
* Xavier Urbain: Certification of Rewriting Properties 
* Andrei Voronkov: Automated Reasoning and Theorem Proving 

Registration fees:

250 euro (early registration, before June 15, 2012)
350 euro (late registration, after June 15, 2012)

Visit our web site for more information about registration and
accommodation. Registration is now open!

For more information, please visit our web site or contact 

 isr2012 at dsic.upv.es

Organizing Committee:

Salvador Lucas (chair)

Beatriz Alarcon
Santiago Escobar
Marco A. Feliu
Raul Gutierrez
Javier Insa Cabrera
Sonia Santiago
Alicia Villanueva

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