[TYPES/announce] Special Issue TCS: Implicit Computational Complexity

Ugo Dal Lago dallago at cs.unibo.it
Mon Jul 23 06:30:11 EDT 2012

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Special Issue on Implicit Computational Complexity

Deadline: October 1st 2012
Guest Editors: Ugo Dal Lago and Guillaume Bonfante


The area of Implicit Computational Complexity (ICC) has grown out from 
several proposals to use logic and formal methods to delineate 
complexity-bounded computation (e.g. polynomial time, polynomial space 
or logspace computation). It aims at studying computational complexity 
without referring to external measuring conditions or a particular 
machine model, but only by considering language restrictions or 
logical/computational  principles implying complexity properties.

Contributions on various aspects of ICC including (but not exclusively) 
are welcome :
- types for controlling complexity,
- logical systems for implicit computational complexity,
- linear logic,
- semantics of complexity-bounded computation,
- complexity analysis,
- rewriting and termination orderings,
- interpretation-based methods for implicit complexity,
- programming languages for complexity bounded computation,
- application of implicit complexity to other programming paradigms 
(e.g. imperative or object-oriented languages).

This special issue is a post-conference publication of DICE 2012 
workshop. The first DICE workshop was held in 2010 in Paphos, Cyprus, 
the second in Saarbrucken in 2011, and the third one in Tallinn in 2012 
(http://dice2012.cs.unibo.it/), all of them as satellite events of ETAPS.


Submissions, in pdf format, must be sent to dallago at cs.unibo.it and no 
later than

OCTOBER 15th, 2012.

Papers will be processed as soon as they are submitted.

We encourage to look at http://projects.csail.mit.edu/iandc/info.html 
and  the use of Elsevier's elsarticle.cls latex macro package, that can 
be retrieved from


See also : http://dice12.cs.unibo.it for updated information. For any 
further information, please contact Ugo Dal Lago (dallago at cs.unibo.it).


Submission: October 15th, 2012
Notification of acceptance/rejection: March/April 2013
Submission of final version: June/July 2013.

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