[TYPES/announce] FHPC 2012: ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Functional High Performance Computing

Clemens Grelck c.grelck at uva.nl
Mon Jul 23 09:45:43 EDT 2012

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                               FHPC 2012

                        ACM SIGPLAN Workshop
                Functional High Performance Computing

                          Copenhagen, Denmark
                          September 15th, 2012


                        Co-located with the
          International Conference on Functional Programming
                               (ICFP 2012)

The FHPC workshop aims at bringing together researchers exploring uses
of functional (or more generally, declarative, high-level) programming
technology in application domains where large-scale computations arise
naturally and high performance is essential. It is becoming apparent
that radically new and well founded methodologies for programming such
systems are required to address their inherent complexity and to
reconcile execution performance with programming productivity.

The aim of the workshop is to enable sharing of results, experiences,
and novel ideas about how high-level, declarative specifications of
computationally challenging problems can serve as highly transparent,
maintainable, and portable code that approaches (or even exceeds) the
performance of machine-oriented imperative implementations.

The 2012 FHPC workshop comes with a particular theme motivated by
geographic co-location with the newly established HIPERFIT Research
Centre for Functional High-Performance Computing for Financial
Information Technology (www.hiperfit.dk) at the University of
Copenhagen. Hence, we particularly encouragedsubmissions with a
background in computational finance. Notwithstanding, the workshop
welcomed submissions from other application domains as much as
general-purpose work on the theory and practice of declarative
approaches to high-performance computing.



* http://www.hiperfit.dk/fhpc12/



* http://www.icfpconference.org/icfp2012/registration.html
* Early registration deadline: August 9th, 2012



* http://www.icfpconference.org/icfp2012/local.html


Looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen,

   Andrzej Filinksi and Clemens Grelck
   FHPC 2012 Chairs


Dr Clemens Grelck                                     Science Park 904
University Lecturer                                   1098XH Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam
Institute for Informatics                        T +31 (0) 20 525 8683
Computer Systems Architecture Group              F +31 (0) 20 525 7490

Office C3.105                               www.science.uva.nl/~grelck

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