[TYPES/announce] FOCLASA'12: Call for Participation

José Proença jose.proenca at cs.kuleuven.be
Tue Aug 7 08:10:42 EDT 2012

                   Call for Participation

              11th International Workshop on
    Foundations of Coordination Languages and Self Adaptation
             A Satellite Workshop of CONCUR'12

         September 8th, 2012, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Early registration deadline: August 10th, 2012  *only 3 days away!*
Workshop: September 8th, 2012

    FOCLASA 2012
FOCLASA is a satellite workshop of the 23rd International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2012). The goal is to provide a venue where researchers and practitioners on the topics given below can meet, exchange ideas and problems, identify some of the key and fundamental issues related to coordination languages and self adaptive systems, explore together and disseminate solutions.

09:00  Opening

-- Invited talk --
09:15  Controller Synthesis for Architecture Level Adaptation
       Sebastian Uchitel, Imperial College London

10:30  Coffee break

-- Self-Adaptation and coordination --
11:00  Blackboard Rules for Coordinating Context-aware
       Jean-Marie Jacquet, Isabelle Linden and Mihail-Octavian Staicu

11:30  A multi-level model for self-adaptive systems
       Emanuela Merelli, Nicola Paoletti and Luca Tesei

12:00  A Case Study on Formal Verification of Self-Adaptive Behaviors in a Decentralized System
       Usman Iftikhar and Danny Weyns       

12:30  Lunch break

-- Type systems --
14:00  Parameterized Concurrent Multi-Party Session Types
       Minas Charalambides, Peter Dinges and Gul Agha
14:30  A Type-Safe Model of Adaptive Object Groups
       Joakim Bjørk, Dave Clarke, Einar Broch Johnsen and Olaf Owe

15:00 - Coffee break

-- Processes and coordination --
15:30  A Procedure for Splitting Processes and its Application to Coordination
       Sung-Shik T.Q. Jongmans, Dave Clarke and José Proença
16:00  Communicating Processes with Data for Supervisory Coordination
       Jasen Markovski
16:30  A Provenance Tracking Model for Data Update
       Gabriel Ciobanu and Ross Horne

17:00 - Closing   


Natallia Kokash, Leiden University, The Netherlands
António Ravara, New University of Lisbon, Portugal


Bernhard Beckert, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Martin Berger, University of Sussex, UK
Carlos Canal, University of Malaga, Spain
Holger Giese, University of Potsdam, Germany
Ludovic Henrio, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
Thomas Hildebrandt, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Paola Inverardi, Università dell'Aquila, Italy
Zhiming Liu, United Nations University, China
Antónia Lopes, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Mohammad Reza Mousavi, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
José Proença, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (publicity chair)
Pascal Poizat, University of Evry, France
Carolyn Talcott, SRI International, USA
Francesco Tiezzi, IMT Lucca Institute for Advanced Studies, Italy
Marjan Sirjani, Reykjavik University, Iceland
Mirko Viroli, University of Bologna, Italy


Farhad Arbab, CWI, The Netherlands
António Brogi, University of Pisa, Italy
Carlos Canal, University of Malága, Spain
Jean-Marie Jacquet, University of Namur, Belgium
Ernesto Pimentel, University of Malága, Spain
Gwen Salaün, Grenoble INP - INRIA Grenoble - LIG, France

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