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6th Workshop on Intuitionistic Modal Logic and Applications

April 7, 2013

** New paper submission deadline: December 10th **

Affiliated with the 4th World Congress on Universal Logic [UNILOG 2013]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
April 3-7, 2013

Constructive modal logics and type theories are of increasing foundational
and practical
relevance in computer science. Applications of constructive modal logics
are in type
disciplines for programming languages, meta-logics for reasoning about a
variety of
computational phenomena and explanatory frameworks in philosophical logic.

The workshop aims at developing and explaining theoretical and
methodological issues
centered around the question of how the proof-theoretic strengths of
constructive logics
can best be combined with the model-theoretic strengths of modal logics.
Practical issues
center around the question of which modal connectives with associated laws
or proof rules
capture computational phenomena accurately and at the right level of

In its sixth edition, the Workshop on Intuitionistic Modal Logic and
Applications will
take place in Rio de Janeiro at the feet of the Sugar Loaf at the military
school EsCEME.
Previous editions of this conference were held: as part of the 14th
Congress of Logic,
Methdology and Philosophy of Science, Nancy, France, 25 July, 2011, as part
of LiCS2008,
Pittsburgh, USA, as part of LiCS2005, Chicago, USA, of FLoC2002,
Copenhagen, Denmark and
as part of FLoC1999, Trento, Italy.

Topics of interest to this forum include, but are not limited to:

* Modal Logics
* Logical frameworks
* Proof theory
* Type theory
* Automated deduction
* Formal semantics of languages and systems
* Applications

IMLA 2013 also aims to be a forum for presenting and discussing work
in progress, and therefore to provide feedback to authors on their
preliminary research.


Contributions should be written in English and submitted in the form
of full papers (with a maximum of 12 pages) or short papers (with
a maximum of 6 pages). They must be unpublished and not submitted
simultaneously for publication elsewhere. The papers should be prepared
in latex using EPTCS style. The submission should be in the form of a
PDF file uploaded to IMLA 2013 page at Easychair


until the submission deadline in December 10th.

The workshop pre-proceedings will be handed-out at workshop registration.

At least one of the authors should register at the conference.

The paper presentation should be in English.

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: December 10th, 2012
Author notification: December 15th, 2013
Workshop: April 7th, 2013

Scientific and Organizing Committee

* Valeria de Paiva (School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham,
* Mario Benevides (COPPE-IM, UFRJ)
* Elaine Pimentel (DMAT, UFMG)
* Vivek Nigam (DI, UFPb)
* Natasha Alechina (School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham)
* Gavin Bierman (Microsoft Research, UK)
* Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University, US)
* Michael Mendler (University of Bamberg, Germany)

The workshop occurs within the scope of the Marie Curie IRSES
project GeTFun ("Generalizations of Truth-Functionality").

Elaine Pimentel  - DMat/UFMG

Address: Departamento de Matematica
     Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
     Av Antonio Carlos, 6627 - C.P. 702
     Pampulha - CEP 30.161-970
     Belo Horizonte - Minas Gerais - Brazil
Phone:   55 31 3409-5970/3409-5994
Fax:       55 31 3409-5692
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