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A quick personal note: this being a government-funded position, the
process between applying and actually starting the job might take up
to 2 years. So if you are not yet "on the market" but might be
sometime in the future (you're finishing your PhD, or just starting a
postdoc), consider applying now. The whole process looks a bit
bureaucratic (and it is), but if you're interested someone from the U
of Buenos Aires will help you along the way.

Further, I am personally very familiar with this process, UBA and
Argentina, so feel free to email me in private if you have questions.


The Computer Science Department at the School of Sciences of the

University of Buenos Aires invites applications for faculty positions

at the Assistant Professor level.

We expect candidates with a strong potential for research and teaching

ability. The candidates should have a PhD in Computer Science or a related

field. The selected candidate will be responsible for developing a

research program and for teaching at the undergraduate and graduate

level. Deadlines and documents required for the application are

specified at http://www.dc.uba.ar/aca/concursos/faculty_positions.

We have three open positions. One in the area of Modeling and

Simulation and two positions in any area of Computer Science.

The University of Buenos Aires is one of the most prestigious

educational institutions in South America, and its School of Sciences

is one of the main research institutes in Argentina, responsible for

10% of the country's publications. Buenos Aires is a vibrant,

cosmopolitan city. We offer great benefits, an excellent work

environment. The position is open to English speakers, with the

expectation that you will learn Spanish during the first few years in

this position.

For more information visit

http://www.dc.uba.ar/aca/concursos/faculty_positions or contact

hiring at dc.uba.ar.

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