[TYPES/announce] 2013 Best Practices in Education Award - " Informatics Education in School"

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EUR 5,000.00 PRIZE
Funded by Microsoft

Informatics Europe proudly announces its 2013 Best Practices in 
Education Award devoted to curriculum initiatives for promoting the 
informatics education in primary and secondary schools.

The Informatics Europe Best Practices in Education Award recognizes 
outstanding European educational initiatives that improve the quality of 
informatics teaching and the attractiveness of the discipline, and can 
be applied and extended beyond their institutions of origin.

The Award will reward a successful teaching effort in Europe that:

  - has made a measurable difference in informatics education in schools
  - is widely applicable and useful for the teaching community
  - has made a measurable impact in its original institution and beyond it

The 2013 Award is devoted to curriculum initiatives for promoting 
informatics in schools as a mandatory subject for all students. The 
Award will honor original contributions who emphasize successful 
initiatives for teaching of informatics fundamentals in schools. 
Experiences and reports showing how to use software or hardware tools in 
order to improve learning in other disciplines than informatics will not 
be considered.

Examples of impact include course results, student projects, textbooks, 
influence on the curriculum of other schools.

The 2013 Award is devoted to curriculum initiatives promoting 
informatics education in primary and secondary schools and funded 
through a generous grant from Microsoft.

The Award carries a prize of EUR 5,000.00

The Award can be given to an individual or to a group. To be eligible, 
participants must be located in one of the member or candidate member 
countries of the Council of Europe (www.coe.int), or Israel. Members of 
the Informatics Europe Board and of the Award Committee are not eligible.
The Award Committee will review and evaluate each proposal. It reserves 
the right to split the prize between at most two di
fferent proposals (individuals or teams).

The proposal should include:

   * Names and addresses of the applicant or applicants;
   * Indication of whether the submission is on behalf of an individual 
or a group;
   * Description of the achievements (max 5 pages);
   * Evidence of availability of the curriculum materials to the 
teaching community (max 2  pages);
   * Evidence of impact (max 5 pages);
   * A reference list (which may include URLs of supporting material);
   * One or two letters of support. The letters of support may come for 
example from school management or colleagues in the same or another 

Proposals should be submitted only at:



Abstract: May 1, 2013
Full proposal: June 1, 2013
Notification of winner(s): August 1, 2013

The Award will be presented at the 9th European Computer Science Summit, 
in Amsterdam, 8-9 October 2013, where the winner or winners (one 
representative in the case of an institution) will be invited to give a 
talk on their achievements.

Award Committee:

Walter Gander (chair)
Avi Mendelson
Barbara Demo
Jan Vahrenhold
Juraj Hromkovic
Alexander Repenning
Gérard Berry

(More names to be announced)

   For up to date information see the Award website:


Further inquires:

curriculum-award at informatics-europe.org

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