[TYPES/announce] Cfc: Continuity, Computability, Constructivity – From Logic to Algorithms - CCC 2013

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Continuity, Computability, Constructivity – From Logic to Algorithms - CCC 2013

Swansea University/Gregynog, 26-30, June 2013


CCC is a workshop series bringing together researchers from real
analysis, computability theory, and constructive mathematics. The
overall aim is to apply logical methods in these disciplines to
provide a sound foundation for obtaining exact and provably correct
algorithms for computations with real numbers and related analytical
data, which are of increasing importance in safety critical
applications and scientific computation.

Previous workshops have been held in Cologne CCC 2009 and Trier CCC
2012. One outcome of the 2009 workshop series is the creation of the
EU funded research network COMPUTAL (Computable analysis - theoretical
and applied aspects) which supports research visits from Europe to
Russia, South-Africa,and Japan and vice versa. This workshop also
hosts the second COMPUTAL workshop, but is open to all researchers in
the area.

The workshop will take place at Gregynog in Mid Wales. Gregynog is a
conference centre owned by the University of Wales. It is an attractive
mansion located in a beautiful landscape in the middle of Wales.

  The workshop specifically invites contributions in the areas of
  exact real number computation, effective topology, Scott's domain
  theory, Weihrauch's type two theory of effectivity, category-theoretic
  approaches to computation on infinite data, hierarchies of
  unsolvability, and related areas.

Invited Speakers:
* Hajime Ishihara, JAIST Japan
* Margarita Korovina, Novosibirsk
* Jean-Michel Muller, Lyon
* Matthias Schroeder, Vienna

Tutorial Speakers:
* Pieter Collins, Maastricht: Computability and Dynamical Systems
* Norbert Mueller, Trier: Fast implementation of exact real number computation
* Arno Pauly, Cambridge: Weihrauch degrees of unsolvability

Important Dates:
* Abstract submission: 20 May 2013 via Easy Chair
* Workshop start: Wednesday, June 26, 17:00.

Student Grants:
* There are a number of LMS student grants available for UK students,
please consult the webpage for details. Please apply by 20 May 2013.

Programme Committee:
* Andrej Bauer - Ljubljana
* Ulrich Berger - Swansea
* Peter Hertling - Munich
* Arno Pauly - Cambridge
* Petrus Potgieter - Pretoria
* Victor Selivanov - Novosibirsk
* Dieter Spreen - Siegen
* Hideki Tsuiki - Kyoto

Organizing Committee:
* Ulrich Berger, Jens Blanck, Tie Hou, Monika Seisenberger - Swansea

The conference is supported by the London Mathematical Society, the
College of Science at Swansea University, and the British Logic Colloquium.
For further information please contact the organizers or see the

CCC 2013 Webpage
* http://www.cs.swan.ac.uk/ccc2013/.

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