[TYPES/announce] Fwd: Semantics and Logics of Programs: Peter Dybjer 60 years

Bengt Nordstrom bengt at chalmers.se
Thu May 23 07:45:47 EDT 2013

 Symposium on Semantics and Logics of Programs, 5 June 2013
 Dedicated to Peter Dybjer in connection with his 60th birthday.

*Invited Speakers*

Per Martin-Lof, Stockholm
Peter Aczel, Manchester
Phil Scott, Ottawa
Thierry Coquand, Gothenburg
Anton Setzer, Swansea

Further information at


If you want to attend, please fill in the following doodle-poll
before May 27:


There is no registration fee, but please indicate whether we should
provide lunch and (morning and afternoon) coffee for you.

The symposium will be followed by a dinner in restaurant Fiskekrogen.

The cost for a three course dinner is around 650 SEK excluding drink.
Please  indicate whether you want to participate in the dinner as

Best regards,
Thierry Coquand, Bengt Nordström, Aarne Ranta and Jan Smith
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