[TYPES/announce] QCRI/MIT Cybersecurity Postdoctoral Researcher

Armando Solar-Lezama asolar at csail.mit.edu
Mon Aug 26 13:52:44 EDT 2013

Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) is seeking candidates for 
postdoctoral research in the area of cybersecurity. The research 
conducted by the cybersecurity team at QCRI focuses on privacy 
technology, systems security and hardware security. A significant aspect 
of this position will involve receiving training in conducting advanced 
cybersecurity research at the Computer Science and Artificial 
Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
(MIT) in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA.

Job Description:
- You will research solutions to problems and challenges in 
cybersecurity broadly speaking, with a focus on one or more of the 
following areas: cryptography, operating systems security, network 
security, application security, formal methods for security, new secure 
architectures, privacy technology, attack detection, mitigation and 
- Your work will contribute towards publications in top tier conferences 
and journals, solutions and research prototypes, and intellectual 
property in the form of disclosures and patent applications.
- You will have the opportunity of spending 25% of your time at MIT 
CSAIL working in the groups of one or more CSAIL Principal Investigators 
and collaborating with CSAIL postdocs and graduate students.

- Established record of research and publication in cybersecurity or a 
closely-related field.
- Fluent in English.
- Fluent in programming.
- PhD in cybersecurity or closely related field of Computer Science.
- Ability to travel to MIT/CSAIL for the duration of the training program.

Research at QCRI:
QCRI is a national research institute conducting world-class applied 
computing research with a vision to transform the way we interact with 
each other, enable new discoveries, and accelerate development of society.

QCRI, a proud member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and 
Community Development, is building a multidisciplinary research group in 
computer science with passion for innovation and excellence in research. 
The QCRI research program offers a collaborative, multidisciplinary team 
environment, endowed with a comprehensive support infrastructure.

Research in Qatar:
Qatar has made a commitment to be a leading center for research and 
development excellence and innovation. Home to a globally regarded 
scientific research funding organization, a world-class hub for 
technology innovation and commercialization, and prominent research 
institutes operating at the frontiers of science, Qatar Foundation 
Research and Development is spearheading a national endeavor to fulfill 
this commitment.

The country is home to branch campuses of numerous world-renowned 
universities such as Carnegie Mellon University, Texas A&M University 
and Georgetown University, major oil and gas companies, 
telecommunication companies, and international media organizations such 
as Al Jazeera. These local institutions offer opportunities for research 
collaboration to tackle new computing research challenges of practical 

The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) at MIT

The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory -- known as 
CSAIL -- is the largest research laboratory at MIT and one of the 
world's most important centers of information technology research. CSAIL 
and its members have played a key role in the computer revolution. The 
Lab's researchers have been key movers in developments like 
time-sharing, massively parallel computers, public key encryption, the 
mass commercialization of robots, and much of the technology underlying 
the ARPANet, Internet and the World Wide
Web. CSAIL and QCRI established a new joint research program aimed at 
advancing the field of computer science in 2012. This program, called 
the Computer Science Research Program, is a medium for collaboration and 
exchange of expertise between MIT and QCRI scientists. Scientists from 
both organizations are undertaking a variety of core computer science 
research projects, with the goal of developing innovative solutions that 
can have a broad and meaningful impact. The field of cybersecurity is a 
major focus of the joint research program.

QCRI offers a unique opportunity for strong research careers and a 
highly competitive compensation package including attractive tax-free 
salary and additional benefits such as furnished accommodation, 
excellent medical insurance, annual paid leave, and more.

Positions are open until filled. Please note that due to the high volume 
of applications, only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

To apply, visit https://postdoc.csail.mit.edu/searches/qcri-search/

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