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TPNC 2013

Cáceres, Spain

December 3-5, 2013



Tuesday, December 3

09:00 - 09:50 Registration

09:50 - 10:00	Opening

10:00 - 10:50

Eugen Czeizler, Pekka Orponen: Yield optimization strategies for (DNA) staged Tile Assembly Systems

Vinay Kumar Gautam, Pauline C. Haddow, Martin Kuiper: Reliable Self-assembly by Self-triggered Activation of Enveloped DNA Tiles

10:50 - 11:20	Coffee Break

11:20 - 13:00

Mirosław Kordos, Andrzej Rusiecki: Improving MLP Neural Network Performance by Noise Reduction

Omar K. Shoukry, Magda B. Fayek: Evolutionary Scheduling for Mobile Content Pre-fetching

Marius Nagy, Naya Nagy: General Quantum Encryption Scheme based on Quantum Memory

Marius Nagy, Naya Nagy: Quantum Secret Communication without an Encryption Key

13:00 - 14:45	Lunch

14:45 - 15:35

Oliver Rice, Robert Smith, Rickard Nyman: GPU Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm: Asynchronously Parallel Distributed NSGA-II

Anne Jeannin-Girardon, Pascal Ballet, Vincent Rodin: An Efficient Biomechanical Cell Model to Simulate Large Multi-cellular Tissue Morphogenesis: Application to Cell Sorting Simulation on GPU

15:35 - 15:50	Break

15:50 - 16:40 Risto Miikkulainen: Evolving Neural Networks: Approaches – Invited Tutorial I

Wednesday, December 4

09:00 - 10:40

Rim Hentech, Ilyes Jenhani, Zied Elouedi: Learning from Uncertain Data Using Possibilistic Artificial Immune Recognition Systems

Massimiliano D’Angelo, Berend Weel, Agoston E. Eiben: Online Gait Learning for Modular Robots with Arbitrary Shapes and Sizes

José M. Lanza-Gutiérrez, Juan A. Gómez-Pulido, Miguel Ángel Vega-Rodríguez: A Trajectory Algorithm to Solve the Relay Node Placement Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks

Rafael Nogueras, Carlos Cotta, Carlos M. Fernandes, Juan Luis Jiménez Laredo, Juan Julián Merelo, Agostinho C. Rosa: An Analysis of a Selecto-Lamarckian Model of Multimemetic Algorithms with Dynamic Self-Organized Topology

10:40 - 11:10	Coffee Break

11:10 - 12:00

Poster session I

Orlando Duran: A Hybrid Solution to the Multi-Echelon Inventory Problem of Repairable Spare Parts Using Discrete Swarm Intelligence and a Local Search Procedure

Jesús Torrecilla-Pinero, Fernando Torrecilla-Pinero, Juan A. Gómez-Pulido, Carlos Urueña-Fernández: A Novel Way to Optimize Cantilever Walls by Means of Natural Computing and Multiobjective Optimization

Hector Zenil: Complexity and Algorithmic Probability of Animal Behaviour from Cognition to Communication

Ron Cottam, Willy Ranson, Roger Vounckx: A Framework for Computing like Nature

Cristina Martínez-Ramírez, Alberto Besana: Models for the Distribution of Letters in Random Generated Words

Raúl Domínguez, Tim Köhler, Christian Rauch, Elmar Berghöfer, Frank Kirchner: Autonomous Robot Long Distance Traversing by a Robust Nature-Inspired Behaviour Control Model Using Sensor Feedback Expectations

12:00 - 12:15	Break

12:15 - 13:05	Risto Miikkulainen: Evolving Neural Networks: Applications – Invited Tutorial II

13:05 - 14:50	Lunch

14:50 - 15:50

Poster session II

Kazunari Ozasa, Jeesoo Lee, Simon Song, Masahiko Hara, Mizuo Maeda: Introduction of Artificial Pheromone Effects on Euglena Cells Toward Ant Colony Optimization Experiments

Kristīne Cīpola, Rūsiņš Freivalds: Examples of Advantages for Ultrametric Automata

Mikhail Peretyat’kin: Combinatorial Computation in First-Order Predicate Logic as a Formal Prototype of Natural Computing

Alidra Abdelghani, Mohamed Tahar Kimour: Biology Inspired Decision Making for Self-Healing Realtime Systems

Kristīne Cīpola, Kārlis Ceziņš, Rūsiņš Freivalds, Viesturs Vēzis: Producing Learning Tools to Teach Quantum and Ultrametric Automata

Antonio J. Tallón-Ballesteros, José C. Riquelme, César Hervás-Martínez, Roberto Ruiz: Enhancing the Performance of a Feature Selection Method Based Jointly on Feature Ranking and Feature Subset Selection in the Context of a Neural Network Classifier

Ángela Villota, Jesús Aranda: Towards a General Approach to Model Biological Systems from Membrane Systems into a Concurrent Constraint Calculus

15:55	Visit to the City

Thursday, December 5

09:00 – 09:50	Xin Yao: Evolutionary Algorithm Portfolios for Numerical Optimisation - Invited Talk

09:50 - 10:05	Break

10:05 - 11:20

Yara Khaluf, Mauro Birattari, Franz Rammig: Probabilistic Analysis of Long-term Swarm Performance under Spatial Interferences

Víctor Berrocal-Plaza, Miguel Ángel Vega-Rodríguez, Juan M. Sánchez-Pérez: A New Version of the Multiobjective Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimizing the Location Areas Planning in a Realistic Network

Takuya Nishida, Takaaki Mizuki, Hideaki Sone: Securely Computing the Three-Input Majority Function with Eight Cards

11:20 - 11:50	Coffee Break

11:50 - 13:05

Yahya O. Mohamed Elhadj, Mansour Alghamdi, Mohamed Alkanhal: Approach for Recognizing Allophonic Sounds of the Classical Arabic Based on Quran Recitations

Antonio Martí Campoy, Francisco Rodríguez-Ballester, Rafael Ors Carot: Using Dynamic, Full Cache Locking and Genetic Algorithms for Cache Size Minimization in Multitasking, Preemptive, Real-time Systems

Lingling Jin, Ian McQuillan: Computational Modelling of the Interruptional Activities between Transposable Elements

13:05	Closing

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