[TYPES/announce] Postdocs at Tulane on Semantics of Quantum Programming Languages

Mislove, Michael W mislove at tulane.edu
Wed Jan 6 18:02:24 EST 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I invite applications for two postdoctoral positions, starting this spring or summer, at 
Tulane University under my supervision.

The successful applicants will work on a project entitled "Semantics, Formal 
Reasoning, and Tool Support for Quantum Programming”. The project involves 
designing high-level semantic models and tools to support quantum functional 
programming languages. A prototype language is Quipper, which currently is 
an EDSL of Haskell (http://www.mathstat.dal.ca/~selinger/quipper/ ). One goal is to
free Quipper from the constraints of the Haskell type system and to devise a type 
system tailored to the needs of quantum programming languages. The overall aim 
is to design type-safe functional programming languages for quantum computing. The 
project also involves developing the meta-theory (including categorical semantics)
of the language, and eventually the formalization of some of this meta-theory in a proof 

The focus of the Tulane work is on modeling recursion in such languages, which 
requires developing quantum domain theory. Interactions with other aspects
of the project also is expected. 

Familiarity with programming language design, and / or semantics is a prerequisite
for these postdocs. The latter includes categorical semantics and domain theory.  
Familiarity with quantum computing also is helpful, but not necessary nor sufficient 
for these positions. The main focus of the Tulane component of the work is on 
the semantics of quantum functional programming languages. 

Although the positions will be based at Tulane University, candidates should expect to travel to the 
other sites where work on this project is taking place. These include UPenn, UIowa and Stanford in
the US, as well as McGill University and Dalhousie University in Canada and Oxford and Edinburgh 
in the UK. 

Funding for the project comes from the DOD and the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research. 
These postdocs are for a period of 3 years each. 

To apply for one of these positions, direct your browser to the link: apply.interfolio.com/33550 

Tulane University is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity / ADA Employer that is committed 
to increasing the diversity of its faculty. We therefore encourage applications from underrepresented 

I also welcome any inquiries about these positions or about the project. 
  Mike Mislove, 
  Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics
  Tulane University

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