[TYPES/announce] CFP: 1st IEEE International Workshop on Cyber Resilience Economics

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1st IEEE International Workshop on Cyber Resilience Economics

This workshop will be co-located with QRS 2016
(http://paris.utdallas.edu/qrs16/), the 2016 IEEE international
conference on Software Quality, Reliability, and Security

Vienna, Austria August 1- 3, 2016.

Background and Scope:

Cyber economics drives many of the decisions related to cyber security
by both the defenders and attackers.  It determines on the defensive
side the technologies and procedures implemented to prevent and
respond to cyber-attacks.  On the offensive side, it not only
determines the type of attack but also the effort expended to ensure
its success.  In short, it determines the asymmetric balance between
the attackers and defenders.

The Cyber Resiliency Economics workshop will explore effects of cyber
economics on this asymmetric balance and examine approaches to
shifting adversaries' current advantage in cyber conflicts in favor of
defenders.  It will bring together a diverse group of experts to
advance the concepts and application of cyber economics as related to
asymmetric advantage and cyber resiliency.  This includes foundational
and applied advances in economics, its effects on asymmetry and
resiliency driving the essential system requirements for cyber systems
including traditional IT, cloud platforms, cyber-physical systems, and
critical infrastructure.  This will serve to accelerate the
recognition, adoption and application of cybersecurity resilience
within industry, government and academia by addressing the key
concerns of how these techniques and technologies can be realized
within the practical constraints of cost, risk, and benefit.

Information for Authors:

We are currently seeking manuscripts for a ½ day workshop that will be
a forum to discuss recent research in areas associated with cyber
resilience economics.  Manuscripts should be submitted in the IEEE
standard conference format of 8 pages maximum in the following topics
of interest:

• Foundations of asymmetric cyber advantage
• Defining practical cyber resiliency
• Technical & architectural approaches to gaining asymmetric advantage
• Metrics, measures, and economics of cyber resiliency & asymmetry
• Optimal balance between resiliency and security
• Adversary economics: assessing the value of impacting the attacker
• Frameworks for ROI analysis (cost, risk, benefit) to guide
  technology investment (research, development, and utilization)
• Integrated analyses of cyber resiliency & asymmetry with
  co-dependent infrastructures (e.g., power)
• Cyber resiliency related tools that are guided by economic factors
  for defender and/or adversary
• Use cases or case studies for defender and/or adversary that include
  economic factors

Nick Multari (PNNL) nick.multari at pnnl.gov
Jeffrey Picciotto (MITRE) jp at mitre.org

Key Dates:
Manuscripts Due: April 22, 2016
Author Notification: May 25, 2016
Camera-ready and author registration due: June 10, 2016
Conference dates: August 1-3, 2016

CRE Workshop:  http://paris.utdallas.edu/cre16/
CRE Submissions:  http://banana.utdallas.edu/qrs2016/start/www/CRE2016/
QRS Conference: http://paris.utdallas.edu/qrs16/
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