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Manu Sridharan manu at sridharan.net
Tue Mar 29 17:51:54 EDT 2016

PLDI is a forum where researchers, developers, educators, and
practitioners exchange information on the latest practical and
experimental work in the design and implementation of programming


PLDI 2016 and co-located events will be held in Santa Barbara, CA from June
13 through June 17.  Early registration and hotel discounts end May 13.

You may register directly for PLDI and associated events here:


Co-located SIGPLAN conferences at FCRC include:

+ ISMM: International Symposium on Memory Management
+ LCTES: Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems

Co-located workshops include:

+ ARRAY: Workshop on Libraries, Languages and Compilers for Array
+ FMS: Formal Methods for Security
+ PLMW at PLDI: Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop
+ SOAP: International Workshop on the State Of the Art in Java Program
+ WPHCS: Workshop on Programming Heterogeneous Computing Systems
+ X10: X10 Workshop

Additionally, there will be eight co-located tutorials:

+ NVM Programming
+ RYUJIT: The Open Source Just in Time Compiler for .NET
+ STRING: String Analysis for Vulnerability Detection and Repair
+ ONEVM: One VM to Rule Them All, One VM to Bind Them
+ PINPLAY:Using PinPlay for Reproducible Analysis and Replay Debugging
+ PROSE: Programming by Examples
+ JALANGI: Dynamic analysis of JavaScript with Jalangi
+ WALAX: Cross-platform analysis of mobile apps using the WALA framework

See the web site for a schedule and further details and links.  For further
updates, follow the PLDI social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PLDIConf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PLDI

Manu Sridharan
PLDI 2016 Publicity Chair
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