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*Call for Participation HSB'16, Oct. 20-21 2016, Grenoble, France* 

See http://hsb2016.imag.fr 

The 5th International Workshop on 'Hybrid Systems Biology' will be held on October 20th and 21st in Grenoble (France). 
Previous editions have been held in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), Taormina (Italy), Vienna (Austria, at VSL 2014), and Madrid (Spain, co-located with Madrid Meet 2015).

HSB is a single-track Systems Biology workshop with emphasis on hybrid approaches in a general sense. Hybrid dynamical modelling but also other dynamical modelling approaches are equally part of the scope of the workshop.

Registrations to the conference are now open via the conference website above. Early bird registration deadline is September 25.

Invited speakers: 

- Dennis Bray (University of Cambridge) 
- Albert Goldbeter (Université Libre de Bruxelles) 
- Linda Petzold (UC Santa Barbara) 
- Guillaume Beslon (INSA-Lyon) 

Papers accepted for oral presentation: 

- Elisabetta De Maria, Alexandre Muzy, Daniel Gaffé, Annie Ressouche and Franck Grammont, Verification of Temporal Properties of Neuronal Archetypes Modeled as Synchronous Reactive Systems

- Eugenio Cinquemani, On observability and reconstruction of promoter activity statistics from reporter protein mean and variance profiles

- Sucheendra K. Palaniappan, Matthieu Pichené, Gregory Batt, Eric Fabre and Blaise Genest, A Look-ahead Simulation Algorithm for DBN Models of Biochemical Pathways

- Hugues Mandon, Stefan Haar and Loïc Paulevé, Relationship between the Reprogramming Determinants of Boolean Networks and their Interaction Graph

- Luca Bortolussi, Alberto Policriti and Simone Silvetti, Logic-based Multi-Objective Design of Chemical Reaction Networks

- Matej Hajnal, David Šafránek, Martin Demko, Samuel Pastva, Pavel Krejčí and Lubos Brim, Toward Modelling and Analysis of Transient and Sustained Behaviour of Signalling Pathways

- Mostafa Herajy and Monika Heiner, Accelerated Simulation of Hybrid Biological Models with Quasi-disjoint Deterministic and Stochastic Subnets

- Thilo Krüger and Verena Wolf, Hybrid stochastic simulation of rule-based polymerization models 
- Alexandre Rocca, Thao Dang, Eric Fanchon and Jean-Marc Moulis, Application of the Reachability Analysis for the Iron Homeostasis Study

- Andreea Beica and Vincent Danos, Synchronous Balanced Analysis 
- Hui Kong, Ezio Bartocci, Sergiy Bogomolov, Radu Grosu, Thomas Henzinger, Yu Jiang and Christian Schilling, Discrete Abstraction of Multiaffine Systems

A poster/demo session will also be organized. Please refer to the conference website for a possible new call for posters.

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