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Three of the main conferences on automated reasoning -- TABLEAUX, FroCoS,
and ITP -- will be held in BrasÌlia, Brazil, between 25 and 29 September
2017. Following the long tradition of those events, we invite researchers
and practitioners to submit proposals for co-located workshops and in-depth
tutorials on topics relating to automated theorem proving and its
applications. Workshops/tutorials can target the automated reasoning
community in general, focus on a particular theorem proving system, or
highlight more specific issues or recent developments.

Co-located events will take place between 23 and 24/25 September and will
be held on the same premises as the main conference. Conference facilities
are offered free of charge to the organisers. Workshop/tutorial-only
attendees will enjoy a significantly reduced registration fee.

Detailed organisational matters such as paper submission and review
process, or publication of proceedings, are up to the organisers of
individual workshops. All accepted workshops/tutorials will be expected to
have their program ready by 18 August 2017.

Proposals for workshops/tutorials should contain at least the following
pieces of information:

    - name and contact details of the main organiser(s)
    - (if applicable:) names of additional organisers
    - title and organisational style of event (tutorial, public workshop,
project workshop, etc.)
    - preferred length of workshop (between half day and two days)
    - estimated number of attendees
    - short (up to one page) description of topic
    - (if applicable:) pointers to previous editions of the workshop, or to
similar events

Proposals are invited to be submitted by email to nalon at unb.br, no later
than 9 December 2016. Selected events will be notified by 23 December 2016.
The workshop/tutorial selection committee consists of the TABLEAUX, FroCoS,
and ITP program chairs and the conference organisers.

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