[TYPES/announce] tenure-track and postdoctoral positions at UWO

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Mon Nov 7 12:21:11 EST 2016

[Please forward as appropriate.]

The Department of Mathematics at The University of Western Ontario is
advertising tenure-track and postdoctoral positions.  The tenure-track
position is in the Mathematics of Information Security, broadly
construed, and the advertisement explicitly mentions type theory and
formal verification as potential areas.  The deadline is January 1,
2017.  More information is available at:


We also have postdoctoral positions available, in all areas represented
within the department.  The deadline is January 3, 2017.  More
information is available at:


Applicants in homotopy type theory, univalent foundations, higher
category theory, homotopy theory and other areas represented in the
department would be particularly welcome.

Our department is very active, with a strong graduate program, a very
active postdoctoral program, and a busy seminar schedule with many
visitors.  More information about the department is available at


Feel free to direct any questions to either Rick Jardine or myself.


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