[TYPES/announce] PhD opportunities at the Univ. of Minnesota

Gopalan Nadathur gopalan at cs.umn.edu
Tue Nov 22 14:59:11 EST 2016

Are you interested in research in programming languages and logic? Then
consider applying to the graduate program in Computer Science at the
University of Minnesota. There are several openings for funded doctoral
research in extensible programming languages (realized in tools such as
Silver, Copper, and ableC, see http://melt.cs.umn.edu) and in logics for
specifying and reasoning about computational systems (see
http://teyjus.cs.umn.edu/, http://abella-prover.org/, and
http://sparrow.cs.umn.edu/compilation/ for some projects). There are also
opportunities for collaborations in the use of formal methods in software
verification both with the Software Engineering group in the department and
with ones in the local industry, such as at Rockwell-Collins. Moreover, the
Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) offers an extremely livable
environment with several cosmopolitan attractions: theater, restaurants,
great public transportation, and varied outdoor activities both around the
cities and around Lake Superior that is a short drive away.

If this possibility intrigues you and you would like to get more specific
information, don't hesitate to contact one of us via email.

Best regards,
Eric Van Wyk (evw at umn.edu)
Gopalan Nadathur (gopalan at cs.umn.edu)
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