[TYPES/announce] Associate/Assistant Professor in Programming Languages at the Technical University of Denmark

Alberto Lluch Lafuente albl at dtu.dk
Fri Dec 9 06:13:03 EST 2016

Dear colleagues,

There is an open position in the section for Formal Methods at the
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of Technical
University of Denmark. The position is at the assistant or associate
professor level within the area of implementation of programming languages.

The date for application is on February 5'th and full details are available


Our vision is that Formal Methods offer key methods for constructing a
reliable and trustworthy IT infrastructure. We have competences within the
modelling, analysis and realisation of systems that cover semantics,
program analysis, model checking, language based security, and software
tools. We hope to attract a brilliant candidate in programming language
implementation that will engage in our research and teaching.

More details on our section for Formal Methods can be found at


Please do not hesitat to contact us for inquires:
- Hanne Riis Nielson <hrni at dtu.dk>
- Flemming Nielson <fnie at dtu.dk>
- Sebastian Alexander Mödersheim <samo at dtu.dk>
- Alberto Lluch Lafuente <albl at dtu.dk>

Best wishes,

Alberto, Hanne, Flemming, Sebastian
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