[TYPES/announce] ML Family Workshop 2022: DEADLINE EXTENSION

Benoit Montagu benoit.montagu at inria.fr
Tue May 31 11:57:08 EDT 2022

To increase your chances of submitting your work to the ML workshop,
*the submission deadline is extended by a week*.
The new deadline is Friday 10th June (AoE).

A quick reminder:
- The workshop does not have proceedings, making it the perfect venue
   to run some ideas with the community or present some work in
   progress within a friendly environment.
- The work load as an author is low: submissions are only 3 pages long
   (excluding references)
- YOU have the power to make the ML workshop a success!
- You have one more full week to submit to <https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://ml2022.hotcrp.com/__;!!IBzWLUs!Uwmj9rEv-2syeRqDocsPbp4dCIJXmdz55g59lmYmkC8OSSlHY-_C-Zt-pyaefLVJIHVTXw0XLDhWSq5O1MbgEwc4e-nH0rYSjlJw--Ge$ >
   (please register your submission early!)
- All the details are here:
<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://icfp22.sigplan.org/home/mlfamilyworkshop-2022*Call-for-Presentations__;Iw!!IBzWLUs!Uwmj9rEv-2syeRqDocsPbp4dCIJXmdz55g59lmYmkC8OSSlHY-_C-Zt-pyaefLVJIHVTXw0XLDhWSq5O1MbgEwc4e-nH0rYSjtQqVpTn$ >
- The ML workshop is colocated with ICFP 2022 <https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://icfp22.sigplan.org/__;!!IBzWLUs!Uwmj9rEv-2syeRqDocsPbp4dCIJXmdz55g59lmYmkC8OSSlHY-_C-Zt-pyaefLVJIHVTXw0XLDhWSq5O1MbgEwc4e-nH0rYSjv4XzHV_$ >

Benoît Montagu, chair of the ML workshop 2022

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