[TYPES/announce] Call for virtual participation in Isaac Newton Institute workshop on Vistas in Verification (July 4 to 8, 2022)

Natarajan Shankar shankar at csl.sri.com
Mon Jun 27 12:17:11 EDT 2022

Hello all,

We’d like to publicise the Isaac Newton Institute Workshop `Vistas in Verified Software’ in Cambridge UK on **4th July to 8th July**, both live and virtual.

The programme has a great line-up of speakers; details at https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.newton.ac.uk/event/vs2w01/__;!!IBzWLUs!SGmHcmWEYBcIby5ZoVEreDvfk1stSghDouhYTwmrKwtiLKRyMMs8GRF1ObcX2gW_Mgdw4LV0pu-8Xy_Q-rETvOCgLJrBp_4$  and below. We welcome lively virtual participation in the workshop.  If you would like to attend **virtually**, please contact Teresa Carbajo Garcia, t.carbajo-garcia at imperial.ac.uk,  by **12 o’clock UK time** on Thursday 30th June. You will then get the zoom details on Friday from the Isaac Newton Institute.

Best wishes,
Shankar + co-organizers


  * Andrey Rybalchenko /Microsoft (UK)/
  * Andrew Appel /Princeton University/
  * David Basin /ETH Zurich/
  * Dirk Beyer /Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München/
  * Cristian Cadar /Imperial College London/
  * Byron Cook /Amazon; University College London/
  * Sergey Bratus, DARPA
  * Philippa Gardner /Imperial College London/
  * Timothy Griffin and Mukesh Tiwari /University of Cambridge; Cambridge Computer Laboratory/
  * Thomas Henzinger /IST Austria/
  * Bart Jacobs /KU Leuven/
  * Neel Krishnaswami /University of Cambridge/
  * Daniel Kroening /University of Oxford/
  * Viktor Kuncak /EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne; IST Austria/
  * Gregory Malecha /Bed Rock Systems/
  * Bernhard Möller /Universität Augsburg/
  * Peter Müller /ETH Zürich/
  * Mooly Sagiv /Tel Aviv University/
  * /Z/hong Shao,/Yale University/
  * Peter Sewell /University of Cambridge/
  * Nikhil Swamy /Microsoft (USA)/
  * Caterina Urban /INRIA/
  * Moshe Vardi /Rice University/
  * Philip Wadler /University of Edinburgh/


  * Azadeh Farzan /University of Toronto/
  * Philippa Gardner /Imperial College London/
  * Kim Larsen/, Aalborg/
  * Xavier Leroy /Collège de France; INRIA/
  * Peter O'Hearn, /Facebook/
  * Ken McMillan,/UT Austin/
  * Leonardo de Moura, MIcrosoft/Research
  * Peter Sewell /University of Cambridge/
  * Natarajan Shankar /SRI International/
  * Moshe Vardi /Rice University/

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