[TYPES/announce] Fully funded PhD position on efficient and provably correct execution environments at Uppsala University

Tobias Wrigstad tobias.wrigstad at it.uu.se
Thu Jul 14 11:08:27 EDT 2022

Dear all,

We are currently looking for Ph.D. students interested in
programming languages and software engineering research to
join the Programming Languages group at Uppsala University
to conduct research on a new programming language developed
as part of an industry collaboration. The project focuses
on predictable performance, type safety, memory safety,
concurrency safety, memory management and programming models
for concurrent programming.

We are especially looking for applicants who are interested
in systems programming, type systems, programming language
semantics, program verification, compilers, theorem proving
and implementation of runtime systems.

Swedish PhD positions run for 5 years including 1 year of
teaching spread evenly over the 5 years.

Potential research topics explored during the course of the
project may include for example efficient, novel and provably
correct algorithms for various aspects related to memory
management and scheduling, consensus protocols, memory leak
detection, gradual verification of programs, debuggers for
new concurrency protocols, etc.

Start date
The start date is negotiable.

Professor Tobias Wrigstad (https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://wrigstad.com__;!!IBzWLUs!XphMWO9M5adc1HWEQxcAGb44xFpnfiHZFMtRneeWvl9wq3IDZ4bPooa7LfNDEqRyWPrLliWwepDYFi_TODNIJDxoebdZAGJIymhCg9QXQQ$ )
tobias.wrigstad at it.uu.se

Candidates should have a Master of Science in Computer Science,
Computer Engineering, or equivalent.

Additional qualifications
Experience with systems programming, runtimes, logic, theorem
proving, programming languages, and compilers.

Additional details and instructions for applying

The position is fully funded, and the successful candidate
will enjoy a competitive salary, paid leave, pension benefits,
free health care after a small co-payment, etc.

Potential candidates are very welcome to contact me for


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