[TYPES/announce] Soliciting nominations for the POPL 2023 Artifact Evaluation Committee

Leonidas Lampropoulos leonidas at umd.edu
Wed Jul 13 13:07:03 EDT 2022

 TLDR: Nominate students, postdocs, and researchers for the POPL 2023
Artifact Evaluation Committee by July 29, at
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://forms.gle/L7dDGPNcToGpDX1eA__;!!IBzWLUs!R7rqt-_oe7Pk5ql_1kgUIvJGMdz4HYpVtG9HKzumTzS5EdtGQPIa7Xp-9nmYomZg5tS8G45M9Ly5R3Zpi-NUembNqTcS7OGU$ .

For the ninth year, POPL is creating an Artifact Evaluation Committee (AEC)
to promote repeatable experiments in the POPL community (
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.artifact-eval.org/__;!!IBzWLUs!R7rqt-_oe7Pk5ql_1kgUIvJGMdz4HYpVtG9HKzumTzS5EdtGQPIa7Xp-9nmYomZg5tS8G45M9Ly5R3Zpi-NUembNqQXOTD4k$ ). Last year, 57% of the accepted papers
submitted artifacts.

We are proud to announce an open call for nominations of senior graduate
students, postdocs, or research community members to serve on the POPL 2023
AEC. We encourage self-nominations from anyone interested in participating
in the artifact evaluation process. Participation in the AEC can provide
useful insight into the value of artifacts and the process of artifact
evaluation, and also helps to establish community norms for artifacts.

We particularly encourage graduate students to serve on the AEC. Qualified
graduate students are often in a much better position than many researchers
to handle the diversity of systems expectations we will encounter. In
addition, these graduate students represent the future of the community, so
involving them in this process early will help push this process forward.

The work of the AEC will be done between September 27 and November 2, so we
are looking for people who are available during that time.

Please fill out this nomination form for each nominee by July 29, 2022:
https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://forms.gle/L7dDGPNcToGpDX1eA__;!!IBzWLUs!R7rqt-_oe7Pk5ql_1kgUIvJGMdz4HYpVtG9HKzumTzS5EdtGQPIa7Xp-9nmYomZg5tS8G45M9Ly5R3Zpi-NUembNqTcS7OGU$ .

Please note that in the past we have had more nominees than slots on the
AEC, and so not all nominees will be able to join the AEC.

We look forward to your nominations! Please let us know if you have any
questions. Thank you for your help!

Mukund Raghothaman and Leonidas Lampropoulos
POPL 2023 AEC Chairs
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