[TYPES/announce] PLMW at SPLASH 2022: Call for Student Participation! Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop

Andreea Costea andreeac at comp.nus.edu.sg
Tue Sep 13 22:03:15 EDT 2022

ACM SIGPLAN Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop
December 6-7, 2022

The organizing committee of the Programming Languages Mentoring Workshop 
(PLMW) at SPLASH 2022 [1] is looking for students who are interested in 
programming languages and software engineering research to apply. The 
workshop is aimed at late-stage undergraduates interested in graduate 
school, as well as early-career Masters/PhD students.

A key mission of this workshop is to increase the diversity of students 
who apply to (and, crucially, remain in) PhD programs. Attending 
conferences is often a transformative experience for students and can go 
a long way to make them feel part of the research community. Coupled 
with the mentorship that PLMW provides, we hope to build excitement 
about research and nurture an environment of inclusivity.

The attached flyer explains what programming languages research is and 
why students might want to apply to PLMW. They can find more information 
and insights from previous participants at the workshop website [1].

Applications are required (due by September 26th for full consideration) 
and there are scholarships available for both in person and virtual 
participation. PLMW highly encourages applicants from first time 
conference attendees and members of underrepresented groups in 
computing. Please feel free to ask any questions via the contact form 

Youyou Cong, Molly Feldman, James Tizard and Lukasz Ziarek
Organizing Committee for PLMW at SPLASH 2022

P.S. If students are interested in attending a PLMW, but the 
timing/location of PLMW at SPLASH does not work well, consider the next 
PLMW iteration in 2023: https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://popl23.sigplan.org/home/PLMW-POPL-2023__;!!IBzWLUs!X_UGrJsLMqmbyH9ms23DPgwmfeW8WaK9db_zIfvWyuMO_c5d4bk6YXSreHgcZAb64DCLejWrEckOIFTP9U5yuY8GEWYcRbjo1dO_DGM$  

[1] https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://2022.splashcon.org/track/splash-2022-PLMW__;!!IBzWLUs!X_UGrJsLMqmbyH9ms23DPgwmfeW8WaK9db_zIfvWyuMO_c5d4bk6YXSreHgcZAb64DCLejWrEckOIFTP9U5yuY8GEWYcRbjoF4nMLqc$  
[2] https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://2022.splashcon.org/contact2/splash-2022-PLMW__;!!IBzWLUs!X_UGrJsLMqmbyH9ms23DPgwmfeW8WaK9db_zIfvWyuMO_c5d4bk6YXSreHgcZAb64DCLejWrEckOIFTP9U5yuY8GEWYcRbjoClx4Rg8$  
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