Public release of the Triveni concurrent programming framework for Java

Konstantin L ä ufer laufer at
Wed Nov 19 15:18:37 EST 2003

We are pleased to announce the official public release of the Triveni
framework for Java.  This release has version number 0.54.

Triveni is a framework for concurrent programming with objects, threads, and
events.  Triveni supports the modular design of event-driven systems from
combinators (building blocks) that operate on abstract behaviors.  Explicit
multithreading is not required but supported for components with autonomous
behavior.  Triveni components are compliant with the JavaBeans
specification.  Triveni also includes an XML-based front end.

Triveni requires Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE), preferably J2SE 1.3 or
newer.  Optionally, to build from source, Triveni also requires Apache Ant
1.5.2 or newer.  The Triveni framework for Java is open-source software
under an MIT-like license and hosted on SourceForge.

The documentation, including installation instructions, are available on the
web and included with the distribution.  Several demos are available on the
web, as well.

Triveni has been used in research and teaching since 1997, and unofficial
releases were available upon request.  Links to related papers and courses
are available on the web.

Active Triveni research and development focuses on

* enhanced support for components with autonomous behavior (Trask project)
* support for event-based unit testing (Trunit project)
* support for the state machine paradigm (Trull project)
* applications in server-based, distributed, and cluster computing
 (Loyola CPDC Research Group)

More information on these projects will be available shortly.

We would be interested in any feedback you might have.  If you have any
feedback, please subscribe to the following list:

If you have already been using an older version of Triveni, please be sure
to upgrade to this release.

The Triveni Team
triveni-developers at

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