[TYPES] Terminology in operational semantics

Johan Glimming glimming at kth.se
Tue Feb 15 23:27:58 EST 2005


I am confused by what I think appears to be different notions of 
operational semantics. Nielson-Nielson seems to distinguish natural 
semantics from structural operational semantics, whereas Winskel 
considers (in a remark) natural semantics one particular notion of 
structural operational semantics. Also we have big step semantics 
versus small step semantics.
On the other hand, some researchers distinguish  between reduction 
semantics and operational semantics, and I am not clear about how this 
relates to the above notions, if at all.

 From this, I wonder what is the "standard" or "preferred" terminology.

Best Wishes,
Johan Glimming

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