[TYPES] Book announcement: Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages

Benjamin Pierce bcpierce at cis.upenn.edu
Wed Feb 16 21:47:20 EST 2005

I am delighted to announce the availability of a new book:

  Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages 
  Edited by Benjamin C. Pierce
  MIT Press, 2005
  ISBN 0-262-16228-8

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  The study of type systems for programming languages now touches many areas
  of computer science, from language design and implementation to software
  engineering,  network security, databases, and analysis of concurrent and
  distributed systems.  This book offers accessible introductions to key
  ideas in the field, with contributions by experts on each topic. 

  The topics covered include precise type analyses, which extend simple type
  systems to give them a better grip on the run time behavior of systems;
  type systems for low-level languages; applications of types to reasoning
  about computer programs; type theory as a framework for the design of
  sophisticated module systems; and advanced techniques in ML-style type

  Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages builds on Benjamin
  Pierce's Types and Programming Languages (MIT Press, 2002); most of the
  chapters should be accessible to readers familiar with basic notations and
  techniques of operational semantics and type systems Ñ the material
  covered in the first half of the earlier book.

  Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages can be used in the
  classroom and as a resource for professionals. Most chapters include
  exercises, ranging in difficulty from quick comprehension checks to
  challenging extensions, many with solutions.


  I. Precise Type Analyses 

    Substructural Type Systems
      by David Walker 

    Dependent Types
      by David Aspinall and Martin Hofmann 

    Effect Types and Region-Based Memory Management
      by Fritz Henglein, Henning Makholm, and Henning Niss 

  II. Types for Low-Level Languages 

    Typed Assembly Language
      by Greg Morrisett 

    Proof-Carrying Code 
      by George Necula 

  III. Types and Reasoning about Programs 

    Logical Relations and a Case Study in Equivalence Checking
      by Karl Crary 

    Typed Operational Reasoning
      by Andrew Pitts 

  IV. Types for Programming in the Large 

    Design Considerations for ML-Style Module Systems
      by Robert Harper and Benjamin C. Pierce 

    Type Definitions
      by Christopher A. Stone 

  V. Type Inference

    The Essence of ML Type Inference 
      by Francois Pottier and Didier Remy 

An expanded table of contents and the book's preface are available from:


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