[TYPES] CFP: Iaugural Issue of the International Journal of IT & Web Engineering

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Sat Feb 19 08:52:03 EST 2005

The Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering addresses
various topics ranging from theoretical to practical research
initiatives dealing with IT Technology. Particularly, at the theoretical
level, the journal aims at publishing research papers about formal languages and
type systems for web programming, formal models for web
engineering, security, integrity and policy issues for web applications, and
formal specification of web systems.

Call for Papers
International Journal of
Information Technology and Web Engineering

Inaugural Issue: January 2006
Submission Deadline April 10, 2005

Editor-in-Chief: David C. Rine
Professor of Computer Science
George Mason University
DavidCRine at aol.com

Co-Editor-in-Chief: Ghazi I. Alkhatib
Senior Lecturer of MIS
Qatar College of Technology
alkhatib.JITWENG at qu.edu.qa

An official publication of the Information Resources Management
Published: Quarterly (Print ISSN: 1554-1045 and Electronic E-ISSN:

Organizations are continuously overwhelmed by a variety of new
information  technologies, many are Web based.  These new technologies are
capitalizing on the widespread use of network and communication technologies for
seamless integration of various issues in information and knowledge sharing
within and among organizations.  This emphasis on integrated approaches is
unique to this journal and dictates cross platform and multidisciplinary
strategy to research and practice.

The Mission of the Journal
The main objective of the journal is to publish refereed papers in the
area covering Information Technology (IT) concepts, tools, methodologies,
and ethnography, in the contexts of global communication systems and Web
engineered applications.  In accordance with this emphasis on the Web
and communication systems, the journal publishes papers on IT research and
practice that support seamless end-to-end information and knowledge
flow among individuals, teams, and organizations.

This end-to-end strategy for research and practice requires emphasis
on integrated research among the various steps involved in data/knowledge
(structured and unstructured) capture (manual or automated),
classification and clustering, storage, analysis, synthesis, dissemination,
display, consumption, and feedback.  The secondary objective is to assist in
the evolving and maturing of IT-dependent organizations, as well as
individuals, in information and knowledge based culture and commerce, including

Topics to be included are the following.  Please refer to the web site
for more detailed list of topics.

* Web systems architectures, including distributed, grid computer, and
communication systems processing
* Web systems design and performance engineering studies
* Web user interfaces design, development, and usability engineering
* RFID research and applications in web engineered systems
* Mobile, location-aware, and ubiquitous computing
* Ontology and semantic Web studies
* Software agent-based for web-engineered applications
* Integrated user profile, provisioning, and context-based processing
* Security, integrity, privacy and policy issues
* Case studies validating Web-based IT solutions
* Data and knowledge capture, quality, validation, and verification
* IT readiness and technology transfer studies
* IT Education and Training
* Virtual teams and virtual enterprises: communication, policies,
operation, creativity, and innovation

In addition to complete research articles, the journal will publish
book reviews and research notes on current innovative, substantial and
novel concepts and research areas to foster collaboration research and
encourage further exploration and exploitation by academicians and
Both research and instructional case studies of success stories of
IT-augmented systems development will be solicited form practitioner
of business and government organizations.

The International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering
will be published by Idea Group Inc. <www.idea-group.com>, publisher of
"Idea Group Publishing", "Information Science Publishing", "IRM Press",
"Cybertech Publishing", and "Idea Group Reference" imprints.
The inaugural issue of this journal is due for publication in January 2006.  
For additional information regarding manuscript submission and subscriptions,
please contact the Co-Editor-in-Chief at, alkhatib.JITWENG at qu.edu.qa,
DavidCRine at aol.com, or contact the publisher at
cchandler at idea-group.com or visit their website at http://www.idea-group.com.

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